Bellator 70 marks the end of season six for Bellator and the event took place tonight in New Orleans with some exciting action. The main event for the card consisted of a heavyweight title bout just on the eve of the UFC’s all heavyweight main card between Eric Prindle and current Bellator heavyweight champion, Cole Konrad.

Also on the card was the lightweight tournament finals between Rick Hawn and Brent Weedman, and the bantamweight semi-finals between Hiroshi Nakamura and Luis Nogueira.

Cole Konrad takes two minutes to submit Eric Prindle

Cole Konrad made his first title defense against Eric Prindle at Bellator 70 and helped silence critics with a kimura finish.

Konrad got the early takedown on Prindle and immediately worked into side control securing the arm of Prindle. Konrad then got his left arm through, connected his hand with his wrist and then cranked on Prindle’s left arm to secure his first Bellator heavyweight title defense in one minute flat.

Rick Hawn takes the unanimous decision victory over Brent Weedman

The Bellator lightweight final took place after the championship fight with Michael Chandler waiting for either Rick Hawn or Brent Weedman.

First round began with Hawn and Weedman just trading back and forth for most of the first until a minute left when Hawn tripped up Weedman and landed a few blows while he was down. The two ended the round clinched up.

The second was much like the first round with the two trading blows and a cut forming on the bridge of Hawn’s nose and above his eyebrow. Weedman surprisingly was handling Hawn in the clinch. Hawn was able to do enough, and land enough trips on Weedman to secure the decision victory.

In the third, Hawn was able to secure the trip takedown and pound away on Weedman for a few minutes before the two ended in the clinch for yet another round.

Luis Nogueira knocks out Hiroshi Nakamura with a straight right

Early on, Nakamura took a shot to the groin and the two continuedwith an aggressive clinch that ended with a hard right from Nogueira. Nakamura struggled to implement his gameplan for most of the first with Nogueira’s takedown defense winning each battle until a minute left when Nakamura secured a takedown for a few seconds before they both stood back up. The both stayed clinched up for the remaining 30 seconds of the round.

In the second Nogueira slammed down Nakamura and followed it up with a couple of shots before Nakamura eventually cage-walked back up. Nogueira then landed a huge left hand and a flying knee that seemed to zombie-fy Nakamura and cut him above his right and left eyebrows.

In the third round, Nogueira was able to finally end the fight with a straight right hand that knocked out Nakamura and punched Nogueira’s ticket to the bantamweight finals.

Rich Clementi submits Derek Campos

Rich Clementi helped prolong his MMA career and proved he wasn’t too old when he used a guillotine choke to submit Derek Campos.

Not much happened to open the fight, but after a hard battle against the cage Clementi got the the takedown on Campos. Immediately after the takedown Campos looked to pull off a kimura on the UFC vet, but found no possible way to complete the submission.

The two got back up and immediately both fighters went back to the ground this time with Clementi on his back holding on tight to a guillotine choke. Campos tapped once and Clementi told the referee he had tapped causing Campos to tap a second time as the referee then separated the two fighters.


Cole Konrad def. Eric Prindle by submission (kimura), Round 1, 1:00
Rick Hawn def. Brent Weedman by unanimous decision
Luis Noguiera def. Hiroshi Nakamura by TKO (strikes), Round 3, 1:58
Rich Clementi def. Derek Campos by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 4:18
A.J. Matthews def. Charlie Rader by KO (headkick), Round 2, 3:34
Kevin Tiller def. Jeremiah Riggs by submission (kimura), Round 3, 3:38
Jonas Billstein def. Mike Seal by technical submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:55
Derek Arcement def. Blake Dufour by unanimous decision

Photo: Rick Hawn (wearing hat) celebrates his lightweight tourney championship (Bellator Fighting Championships)

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