Guys like UFC 150’s Dennis Bermudez come along only once in a while.

Seriously, how many guys can say they earned their spot on The Ultimate Fighter 14 by defeating reigning Ring of Combat bantamweight champion and King of the Cage featherweight champion Jimmie Rivera? How many fighters can put forth a hellacious effort, even in defeat, against a fighter like Diego Brandao, who was one of the favorites during TUF 14? And, probably most importantly of all, how many people can come off a win over Pablo Garza to deliver a rather awe-inspiring Tyrone Biggums impression?

Bermudez (blue trunks) prepares to slam Pablo Garza (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

Not that many men can say any of those things, but Bermudez can say all of those things.

He can also say that he will provide the first test at 145 pounds for Cincinnati prospect Tommy “Wildcard” Hayden when the two fight on the FX portion of UFC 150 on Aug. 11. Hayden, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt who trains with Team Jorge Gurgel, opened his career with five submission wins, two first-round TKO wins, and a second-round disqualification victory before submitting to Fabricio Camoes late in the first round of a lightweight contest at UFC on FX 1.

“He’s a pretty tough kid, coming down a weight class,” Bermudez said in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “And he’s a southpaw”.

Bermudez sees a tough, well-rounded challenge in Hayden, and though anything can change between now and fight night, Hayden’s southpaw style has been the focus for Bermudez, whose own style is that of a highly-aggressive wrestler with punching power and speed that should never be underestimated by the ranks at 145.

“I’ve sparred with a lot of lefties, a lot of southpaws, working on my takedowns from there and my striking from there,” Bermudez said.

Dennis Bermudez (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

As is conspicuous by his willingness to improve with every fight, however, Bermudez knows where this fight will go, and he’s prepared to travel to there with Hayden on Saturday night.

“Everywhere, you know, it’s a fight,” Bermudez said. “If you’re not winning one position, you’re going to try and take it to another, where you think you can win, and if you don’t win there, you’re going to try and take it to another place where you think you can win. Everyone comes out with a plan, but once you get punched in the face, that plan changes.”

The human body works well enough to provide a natural reaction akin to what fans have seen before from fighters who have switched game plans on the fly after taking one on the button. Unquestionably, this gives Hayden something to think about for this Saturday’s fight, though Hayden will not go away easily. Bermudez knows this for a fact, which is why his focus is not going anywhere beyond what he has to contend with in Denver.

“I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch,” Bermudez said, “[I want to] just stay focused on what I have to do this Saturday.”

Top Photo: Dennis Bermudez (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

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