Time and time again, the sport of mixed martial arts has shown us that there seems to be no peak point to its rapid growth in the world today. With the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator claiming the rank as the top dog organizations, many other prospect franchises aspire in adding their own piece of the pie in taking the fight game to the next level.

Bringing in its own southern flavor to the MMA melting pot, the Legacy Fighting Championships is a new organization that definitely has the potential to put its own mark on the industry. Many distinct characteristics make this company a strong rising force on the regional promotional fight scene.

A lot of organizations are well known for presenting a fighter’s ascent during their pro careers. Although Legacy FC also follows this format in an effort to leave no gaps out of the picture, it has also added an Amateur Series to its marque. Amateur bouts always have a tendency to produce the most exciting, and at times unpredictable, action that will leave spectators at the edge of their seats.

With the installment of this feature, it gives fight fans the opportunity to witness a potential star’s rise from the ground up while also giving the amateur fighters the equal stage as their professional counterparts to showcase their talents for the world to see. Evidence of this has been proven with Legacy FC competitors Andrew Craig and Daniel Pineda moving on to the UFC.

Speaking of gratitude, Legacy FC has developed a great reputation for the management of its employees. Whether its contract negotiations, sponsorship opportunities or job compensation, amongst other areas, the owners of Legacy carry a high deal of professionalism when it comes to making sure the fighters are well satisfied as a member of the franchise. This element has allowed the company to expand throughout the south with its massive pool of rising talent along with its blend of seasoned fight veterans such as Jay Hieron and Carlo Prater.

Having his share of great experience in his two-year venture in Legacy FC, current welterweight contender Jeff Rexroad can confirm the courtesy owners give to its fighters.

“Legacy is fantastic because of Mick, Andrea and Collin. Those guys bend over backwards to take care of their fighters and give them the best opportunities they can,” said Rexroad.

Social media outlets are a great support system to attain when hoping to expand a company. Because of Legacy’s professionally-run shows, well-known television entity AXS TV has signed them to a long-term television contract to feature the promotion’s fights on its network.

AXS TV, formally known as HDNet, features everything in today’s pop culture, music, fashion and other favorite trends. A lot of great figures and personas of today are featured on the network, which reveals its trust in Legacy FC’s ability to deliver a great show in front of a worldwide televised audience.

It takes years for a company to build a solid foundation in mainstream MMA today. Fully mastering business in all sectors, Legacy FC has all the assets it takes to become a major establishment in the near future. Always striving for improvement, the promotion’s next event, Legacy FC 14, features a much talked about title bout between Jeff Rexroad vs. Luca Pimenta, which looks to demonstrate the company’s desire for cementing its own legacy in the world of mixed martial arts.

Photo: Jeff Rexroad (R) battles Larry Crowe at Legacy FC 9 (Andy Hemingway/Sherdog)

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  • Rev Bart

    Its been an honor and a pleasure to see Mick, driven by his passion for the sport and his sharp business sense, build this thing from the ground up. Im proud, DAMNED proud, to see what has evolved from such humble beginnings, and Legacy FC has only BEGUN to make its mark. Onward and upward, brother. You are living proof, Mick, that every so often, the GOOD GUYS win. Congratulations on all of your successes, not only up UNTIL this point, but for all that the future will bring…ALL THE BEST, brother…