One Fighting Championship delivers a solid night of action from start to finish on a consistent basis, which may come as a shocker to some. One FC CEO and owner Victor Cui said from the onset that he won’t rest until the organization became the premier MMA promotion in Asia. Only two years into this venture, Cui has helped One FC to achieve this very objective, as the promotion has sold out some of the largest arenas in Southeast Asia and showcased fighters who rank among Asian MMA’s best in terms of skill and excitement.

One FC’s cards predominantly feature top prospects in Asia, as well as a slew of MMA veterans. Though a lot of these fighters are still unknown by the masses, the promotion has done stellar work in finding and producing such a quality array of young talent. The lure of the MMA veterans merely serves as a delightful bonus for fans who wish to take a glimpse at the One FC brand of mixed martial arts.

As the promotion enters the second year of its existence, it holds a degree of importance to note how One FC got this far in such a short time frame. From its start in 2011, One FC used the power of online streaming to feature five event cards to the general public. As the promotion wanted the whole world to witness its product at its finest, it determined that streaming its events live and making its fights available for viewing on Youtube would effectively help the promotion in showcasing its product to those who just wanted to see a spectacular MMA card.

So far, no one can say that the results haven’t reflected the action. The veterans deliver memorable moments whenever they’re on, as do the prospects. Though some point to Deep, Pancrase and Shooto for their overseas MMA fix, no one can deny that One FC plays its part in contributing a great deal to the Asian MMA scene, despite not having the longevity of Pancrase or Shooto.

However, as strong as One FC delivers on its event cards, the promotion still appears to travel under the radar as it is overlooked by many in the MMA world. If the action is solid and leaves very little room for complaints, then why does One FC remain so overlooked and underrated? Is it because its events do feature a few UFC, Dream, and other MMA veterans, who hit the point of “done” a long time ago in the eyes of some MMA fans?

It depends on the perspective from which one chooses to look at it.

On one hand, some fans may get a nostalgic feeling from watching a certain fighter compete, whereas others will say that a fighter’s best days left him a long time ago and will never return, no matter how many wins they earn or what kind of fighters they defeat.

On the other hand, some recognize the potential of the card beyond the recognizable names. At the end of the day, most fans will not mind a lack of name recognition or star power in a card as long as the fights prove enjoyable from start to finish. But some prefer watching one particular name over another.

To each their own, but regardless of whichever perspective one best connects with, it holds a great deal of significance to understand how more MMA fans will benefit from paying more attention to One FC as it grows to become one of the sport’s top international leagues. Every organization starts somewhere close to how One FC started, and it takes a great deal of effort for a company to hit UFC levels of success. As the old saying goes, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

Obviously, when we look at some of the reasons why some may overlook and underrate One FC’s product, one item that stands out is the matchmaking, which ties itself back into the issue of the veterans. Sometimes, One FC lines up an aging veteran or some other notable name against a hungry prospect, and as many expect the more well-known name to prevail, the matchmaking comes into question. It shouldn’t, and One FC’s matchmaking proves why. Fights written off as “a cakewalk” for prospects of the sport have often resulted in veteran fighters rising to the occasion and defeating a handful of these prospects. Meanwhile, fights prematurely expected to fall flat have turned in competitive must-see contests for all who indulge in the sport of MMA.

Simply put, One FC is a promotion with a bright future and the ability to deliver in areas where most expect it to falter, just as some fighters excel where they are expected to falter. The talent is there for the fans who want to see it, and the emotion exists for the fans who wish to feel it. In any event, a look at the big picture pays substantial dividends in demonstrating the benefits that come with supporting the One FC brand of MMA.

As One FC grows further in popularity, so will the cries from fans who will want major stateside television outlets to pick up on the promotion and broadcast its product on a consistent basis. Once that happens, the promotion will expand its product by breaking into newer Asian markets, just as it has broken into the Filipino, Singaporean and Indonesian markets. With time, that expansion will allow the promotion to see a great deal of financial success, which would in turn help it improve in areas where some may find fault, such as production value and promotion, among others.

The fact of the matter, however, is that the promotion needs to grow before it can see any of that financial success. And in order for it to grow, more people need to pay attention to what One FC brings to the table instead of labeling it as just another “Pride-wannabe promotion” where the veterans fight to pick up a paycheck. Despite employing Pride rules, it is not and never will be the next Pride. One FC is the only One FC, and it not only delivers the most solid Asian MMA action that any fan of MMA will find in 2012, but it also features the future of the sport.

Cui is a smart man with the formula needed to satisfy his loyal fan base, and so he will know what he needs to do to take One FC to the next level before any of us realize it. He already helped the promotion hit the top of the mountain in terms of Asian MMA supremacy, but make no mistake, there are those beings in the MMA world who still will miss out on a great thing in the form of Cui’s One FC simply because they either see it as a revival of Pride or they think of it as just another promotion trying to keep the UFC out of Asia. If Cui does what we know he can do to help that mentality change over time, hopefully his gem of a promotion will finally gain the recognition and respect that it has earned in multitudes, despite only being around for a short amount of time.

Photo: Eduard “Landslide” Folayang (red trunks) and Felipe Enemoto (black trunks), two of ONE FC’s premier competitors (Martin Hocson/Sherdog)

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