Watching an MMA fight is something that touches any real fan of the sport. It’s not that others don’t get touched by it, but the pure fan is that one that revels in just the essence of a good fight, and those fans are hard to find.

It might sound cliché to talk about the adrenaline and emotion of the fights, but good cards mean so much more than just cheering for a certain fighter. True fans become involved on a whole different level.

Love of the sport is watching the UFC on Saturday night instead of doing anything else.

It’s going to bed with your heart racing after a good fight.

It’s cheering when you see your favorite fighter walking into the Octagon. Breathing deeply with him because you are nervous for him.

It’s screaming with Bruce Buffer, “It’s timeeee!!!” before a fight and “And still champion…” after a champion defends his belt.

It’s trying to convince your husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend to go to every card on Brazilian and American soil with you.

It’s talking to any person about fighting, where that person can see your eyes shine when you talk about fighting.

It’s trying to convince everyone around you—especially women—that MMA is awesome and passionate, and that they will love it too.

It’s talking with fighters on Twitter like you know them personally.

It’s hearing your friend say that yesterday was fight night and they thought of you.

It’s wanting to be seen on TV waving the flag of your native country.

It’s laughing out loud when you see Roy Nelson rubbing his belly or Clay Guida burping in his corner.

It’s cheering with every fantastic knockout or beautiful submission.

It’s feeling the rush when you think a fight is already over and suddenly with a twist, there’s an unexpected comeback.

It’s hoping for the days to go by faster so that the next card can come sooner.

It’s finding a Saturday without a fight to be boring.

It’s feeling that a card without someone from your country is somehow empty.

Being a real fan is not proving that you know more than others, but showing your point of view humbly.

But, in reality, being an MMA fan is all of this and so much more. Do you agree?

Photo: A Brazilian fan waves a flag at UFC 146 (Aline Baktchejian Djehdian/The MMA Corner)

About The Author

Aline Bak
Staff Writer, Brazil

A native of São Paulo, Brazil, Aline began watching MMA with her father during the heyday of Pride in the early 2000's. Her passion for the sport soon turned to the UFC not long after. After attending UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro and UFC 146 in Las Vegas, Aline was asked to recount her experience for Tatame—one of Brazil's biggest media outlets—and thus began her writing career. In addition to her work for The MMA Corner, she maintains her own site about MMA.