The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes opened up with its typical first episode introductions.

It was interesting to note that Michael Pastou of Team UK said that his wife left him because he fought for a living. He stated that he didn’t sulk over it, but simply went back to training hard.

After showing the fighters enter the house and seeing them get settled in, they were brought into the gym to talk to Dana White. He stated this season’s summary better than anybody could.

“Brits love to beat Aussies and Aussies love to beat Brits.”

Among the announcements were major things that members of both teams wanted to hear. The men who have the submission, knockout and fight of the season would receive $25,000 if they won. In addition to that, the typical $5,000 was given to whoever finishes their fight.

As for the coin toss, the Aussies won with the opportunity to pick the first fight or the first weight class to pick it in. Coach George Sotiropolous won the toss and decided to pick the first fight. Therefore, Coach Ross Pearson selected the weight class at which it would be fought.

Then came a look into both teams training. While the Aussies did introductory, soft training to get fighters accustomed to the grind, the Brits went through hard training complete with hard sparring and tough drills.

Through this, the coaches introduced their staffs. Among the coaches for Team Australia, Sotiropolous chose such coaches as TUF veteran Charles Blanchard and Strikeforce veteran Nathan Coy to help run his squad. As for Pearson, he brought on TUF veterans Dean Amasinger and Erin Beach, among others, to help work his squad.

During training, welterweight standout Michael Pastou was seen to have ruptured a bicep, ultimately putting his TUF dreams in jeopardy. The Aussie’s easier workout may have been the better approach to the Brit’s all-out workout.

Then, the fight announcement came. Coach Sotiropolous chose welterweight standout Ben Alloway to take on experienced vet Valentino Petrescu, a former Romanian carnie, in the first fight.

Coach Dean Amasinger claimed to train with Alloway before, which makes the UK coaching staff call this fight a bad matchup. Ross Pearson agrees with his coach, further shadowing Alloway’s abilities.

The weigh-ins go without much incident. Ben Alloway weighs in at 170.5 pounds, while Valentino Petrescu weighs in at 171 pounds. The staredown sees Alloway put his hands up, but Petruscu swats his hands away and an above-normal staredown ensues. However, cooler heads prevailed.

Ben Alloway vs. Valentino Petrescu
Both men came out to a touch of the gloves in the first round. Petrescu was the aggressor, though not much went down. There was a feeling out process, before Petrescu got the upper hand in the clinch game. Then, Alloway turned it around with a takedown. Before the round could end , Petrescu fished for an armlock that was unsuccessful. Alloway ended up on top, but the round was extremely close, despite the ending that likely saved the round for the Aussie.

Then, early into the second round, Alloway stunned Petrescu with a straight left hand. Dropped, Petrescu struggled as Alloway poured on mean ground and pound en route to a referee stoppage.

Official Result: Ben Alloway def. Valentino Petrescu by TKO (strikes). Round 2

Team Sotiropolous remained in control and will pick the first lightweight fight next week.

Photo: Ben Alloway (top) (Scott Clark/Sherdog)

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