The Nov. 3 Strikeforce card was just one of three Zuffa events in the last two months to be cancelled due to an injury to a main event fighter.

This card was suppose to be different though. It actually seemed it had a chance to survive after heavyweight Frank Mir went down with an injury and the main event fight between Mir and Daniel Cormier was scrapped. It had depth, after all.  It still had Luke Rockhold, Tim Kennedy and Sara McMann.

But the injury bug that has plagued the UFC eventually made its way over to Strikeforce, taking out co-main event middleweight champion Luke Rockhold.

Missing two top fights now—two big title fights—Strikeforce was left with no other choice but to cancel the event. The Nov. 3 card is now the second straight Strikeforce card to fall apart.

For a Strikeforce card, this was as deep as it gets. Two big fights involving champions, and other fights featuring old and new stars of the promotion, but yet it wasn’t able to survive. This just proves, nothing is safe with the injury bug going around the Zuffa community.

It’s a tough thing to overcome and you can’t predict who will get injured, who will have to bow out of their fight. It’s just luck of the draw.

The crazy thing about this injury bug is that it could have just dealt the death blow to Strikeforce. Even on a card that had the names that this Nov. 3 card did, it still couldn’t come to fruition. But now Strikeforce could be folding up shop even with a Jan. 2013 event targeted by promotion officials. Will Strikeforce be able to survive an injury to that card?

It looked like Zuffa had finally learned its lesson, after the cancellation of UFC 151 and the September Strikeforce card, to supplement the smaller shows such as Strikeforce, and those on FX and Fuel, with an undercard big enough to carry the show. But again, there was no backup plan for an injury. And even if there was one, who could have foreseen a lineup decimated by injuries to two of its top-billed fighters and another of its recently signed prospects?

In the end, it’s a combination of two things—injuries and being spread too thin. The UFC puts on many, many events, all headlined with one big powerful main event and often, in the past, a powerful co-headliner. But that was when it promoted less cards throughout the year. Now, we have a powerful main event and a co-main event that probably wouldn’t be able to carry a televised card. There just simply aren’t enough fighters that have drawing power to negate the injury bug when it hits.

Strikeforce is learning that the hard way with its paper-thin divisions and its cards that have top stars fighting regional fighters that have zero marketability at this point in their careers. Zuffa needs to see that it isn’t just the injury bug causing the problem, it is also the amount of events it is trying to host. With those two in the same formula, you’re always going to get a bad sum.

As much as I hate to see less MMA, it just isn’t possible at this point in time to keep going at this rate and expect everything to end well. With the way injuries have been knocking fighters out left and right lately, events should be more spread out and there should be less of them until there are more big draws and fighters that can pull in viewers.

As of right now, though, it’s like the injury bug has had some time swimming around in a radioactive vat, because it’s truly starting to become a monster, making its mark on every card in sight.

Photo: Luke Rockhold (Phil Lambert/The MMA Corner)