This week’s episode started with a recap of last week’s fight between lightweights Norman Parke of Team UK and Richie Vaculik of Team Australia. It was a decision victory won by Parke, moving him into the semifinals.

Looking into the training, Team UK decided to train at a pool to work on cardio. Coach Ross Pearson and his staff brought “Freakshow” Colin Fletcher a very special one-piece women’s bathing suit that he wore during the workout. It was a tough workout that had all of the fighter’s lungs burning.

Over on the Australian side, Coach George Sotiropolous had his team sparring and prepared both of his remaining welterweights for their names to be called. Both Xavier Lucas and Manuel Rodriguez were eager to fight and working hard.

Coach Pearson announced the next fight at 170 pounds. He picked Manuel Rodriguez of Team Australia to face Bola Omayele of Team UK to fight next. Robert Whittaker of Team Australia noted this was the matchup that the Aussies were hoping for.

The weigh-ins came. Both men weighed in at 170.5 pounds, thus making weight for this quarterfinal bout.

Manuel Rodriguez vs. Bola Omayele

The fight started off with a feeling out process. Omayele definitely was the more comfortable striker from the get go, nailing kicks and punches on the Aussie. After a leg kick that tripped up Rodriguez, Omayele jumped on top to start working on the ground.

After some light ground and pound, Rodriguez almost got up, but Omayele attempted a choke. Rodriguez again ended up on the bottom, but it was not long before he was back on his feet.

After they clinched, Rodriguez got Omayele to the ground. Within a short amount of time, Rodriguez sunk in a north-south choke and earned a tap in the first round, giving the Australians the win.

Official Result: Manuel Rodriguez def. Bola Omayele via submission (north-south choke)

This win over Omayele has put Rodriguez in the semifinals with teammates Ben Alloway and Robert Whittaker. However, both lightweight quarterfinalists are from Team UK, being Norman Parke and Colin Fletcher.

Next episode, we will find out the third lightweight semifinalist, with the only names left to go at 155 being Grant Blackler and Patrick Iodice of Team Australia, as well as Brandon Loughnane and Mike Wilkinson of Team UK.

Photo: Manuel Rodriguez (R) (Chris de la Cruz/Sherdog)

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