Who stole the chicken?!

That was the ‘big argument’ of the episode. You may find this a bit stupid and possibly contrived. But let me preface this by pointing out that we were not able to go to the store nor could we get ‘take-out.’ We ordered food the day before and had to think ahead of time, or there might not be anything for dinner.

It’s also the simple pleasures in life that sustain ‘inmates’ like us. No chicken might seem pretty small to the rest of America that has the freedom to go to the store and buy more…or order out pizza. We didn’t have the luxury of freedom, so when something as seemingly small as our dinner plans were foiled, it hit a nerve, possibly like a match to gasoline. We were on edge and the smallest things set us off, especially something we were looking forward to, like a delicious Team Carwin dinner.

Team Carwin used strategy to pick our fights, unlike Team Nelson. Eddy Ellis was chosen to fight Colton Smith, which seemed a logical choice. Eddy, like myself, is from the Pacific Northwest and has a lot of experience and is a good wrestler to stop Colton’s takedowns, which we were a 100 percent sure he’d be shooting.

Eddy was calm and collected the day of his fight. He wanted to be left alone, and we gave him his space. Eddy is a guy that you don’t want to mess with; he’s a no-nonsense type in and out of the cage. He comes from the country and tells stories of his childhood spent riding bulls at rodeos. He’s a hard worker in practice and doesn’t care for the flash and flare; he’s a good ol’ boy that shows up to fight. He did just that; he had a terrific fight with Colton.

Team Carwin supported our teammates all the way, and we lost our voices during Eddy’s fight. We had so much to yell for—Eddy clearly won the first round by dropping Colton with a straight right and controlling the pace. Round two didn’t go as well; Eddy lost because he got taken down and controlled. Eddie took round one and Colton won round two…that would mean an obvious round three!? Well, for reasons we cannot figure out, the judges gave the decision to Colton Smith.

Judges from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the ‘Fight Capital of the world’ have zero knowledge of mixed martial arts. No offense, but the two state-appointed overweight middle-aged women and the older gentleman have no fight experience at all!!! What the heck are they doing judging this beautiful and violent sport?!

This is a touchy subject for me. I take it personal when someone with absolutely no athletic ability and very little regard for the sport as a whole has the ‘power’ to decide a passionate hard working warrior’s fate! Who are they to decide the fate of a man’s future in MMA? This is a person’s livelihood we’re talking about; this is how men put food on the table! The problem has gone on long enough; it’s no secret there are no standards to MMA judging.

Yes, Dana White says, “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges!” That’s good advice, but if fighters have a chance to end the fight, they’ll do just that!! The judges need to give a fighter a fighting chance. In the case of Eddy vs. Colton, Eddie deserved a third round; the NSAC cheated him out of his dream to become the Ultimate Fighter.

The solution is simple! Leave the NSAC out of The Ultimate Fighter and bring in a sanctioning body that can actually perform their task. Give fighters a fair chance to become the Ultimate Fighter! Why do we allow this poor judging to plague MMA?

Bad judging has negatively stigmatized boxing fights and seems like a bad joke at times. I hope the UFC puts their foot down and requires the state to be accountable for their lack of professionalism and fix an obvious problem before it ruins another warrior’s dream.

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