A fighter must finish fights in the house or suffer the consequences of a bad decision.  This was the lesson I learned on the seventh episode of TUF 16.

We must be honest in saying that Michael Hill from Team Nelson was not able to back his tough words in the house nor was Matt Secor from Team Carwin able to submit Michael; both of whom promised a dramatic finish.

Michael Hill seemed very confident leading up to his fight against Matt Secor. The one thing we didn’t have in the house was a chance to look up our opponents online to see their past fights. All we had to go on was their performance to get into the house, which may have given some guys a false sense of security.

Matt Secor, on the other hand, approached his fight in a different way than Mike. With Matt, what you see is what you see and he’s not afraid to talk about it. Matt is a ground fighter and his stand-up is limited. He’ll gladly admit that he’s going for a submission at all costs.

Hill versus Secor was a fight where neither fighter pulled the trigger. No one really went for the finish even though Secor was trying to go for the submission. They did get a third round to decide a winner as the first two rounds were fairly even. The third round is called a ‘sudden victory’ round, so in other words, whoever wants the fight can win solely based on the last and final round. Secor controlled Hill’s back for four minutes of the round and Hill finished the last 10 seconds with reverse punches behind his head, barely tapping Matt with them, all while having his back mounted with double hooks. We laughed at Michael’s effort because the punches were no threat to Secor in any way.

The decision was quite a surprise to everyone, including Team Nelson and of course Michael Hill himself. Secor clearly won the ‘sudden victory’ round, but to our dismay, the NSAC judges gave the fight to Hill! We were angry at the decision because it was so obviously wrong that it caused all of us to not only doubt the state judges, but now it appeared that if your fight went to a decision you would surely get robbed.

Team Carwin lost fight control and another fight that was due to bad judging; both having favored Team Nelson fighters. Tough break I guess, but the worst part was that as fighters in the house, we have less control of our future than we first thought.

The lesson learned from the last two fights was that if you leave it in the hands of the judges you have little to no chance of winning. Next week we get a surprise visit from Dana White and he lets us know how weak our efforts to finish fights have been so far.

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