Julian Lane stole the show; he head-butted, punched and smashed everything in the TUF house, all while crying and yelling at the most deafening decibels. Luckily, the rest of the TUF competitors were there to hold him back, otherwise he would have quite possibly just passed out in the back yard alone…typical night in the Ultimate Fighter house.

After watching the TUF episodes on TV, I’m reminded through the vivid flashbacks of the madness of how much I wanted to light the house [on fire] and watch it burn. Are the competitors really so mentally crazy or is it the stress and strain of being locked inside a house/prison for seven weeks? That’s a valid question to ask. I answer by saying the competitors are, in fact, capable of being crazy. You see it firsthand, there are no fake or contrived scenes on TUF; it’s completely ‘real.’ It is stressful and makes you want to go psycho and break things, and that’s exactly what happens!

The coaches’ challenge was a nice change of pace; we were actually allowed to go outside into the ‘normal’ world and see people! We arrived after a long van ride of trying to guess where we were going, because in the house we weren’t told anything…we were on a ‘need-to-know-basis.’ We were greeted by Dana White and the two UFC ring girls that appeared as two giant steaks walking around a pack of rabid wolves…

Shane Carwin did not disappoint in showing his athleticism! We were all amazed during the track and field coaches’ challenge just how far and fast Shane can run, jump and throw! He destroyed Roy Nelson in every single event. It makes me think Dana White strategically planned the destruction of Roy by requiring him to run 400 meters. Well, he actually walked the last 100, so technically he didn’t even finish. It was very satisfying to watch Team Nelson lose and scatter heads slumped in defeat. It’s war and we have no regard for the enemy regardless if we must live together and co-exist.

Team Carwin backed our fighters as usual and we were pumped to watch “Snake” aka James Chaney do what he does in the cage, which is an extremely unorthodox style and just as unique as his dark, intelligent personality. All seven of us Team Carwin fighters wore bandanas over our faces like a band of bank robbers in tribute to Snake during his fight.

Snake pulled guard like a crazy, unpredictable fighter would, locked a tight triangle choke on Jon Manley, but surprisingly wasn’t able to get the finish. Instead, he took some really nasty punches to the face while being securely wedged against the cage wall. Jon ended up on top after a short scramble and secured a tight guillotine choke. Snake—keeping up with his name and more importantly dark reputation—took the opportunity in his compromised position to lock his jaws down in a ‘Snake Bite’ on Manley’s rib cage. Jon didn’t tap to the snake bite either, apparently he’s pretty tough. Snake was acting in desperation to keep from tapping, and I don’t blame him for trying. We’re put under a lot of pressure to ‘make’ or ‘break’ our careers, all being condensed in several short animalistic minutes. They don’t expect us to act like animals being locked in a house only let out to fight? I’m surprised no one has been killed yet on the Ultimate Fighter, because it surely crossed my mind and I’m considered among the few stable ones.

Snake’s only option was to tap to the guillotine. The fight ended with Team Carwin’s dark knight suffering defeat. We were disappointed, not for lack of effort, but because Snake’s dream of being the Ultimate Fighter was over. No one more than I wanted to see a fighter that works in a meat plant and sleeps in a garage succeed.

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