Eggs, bacon, toast, maybe even some grapefruit. These are all staples of the average breakfast, but on Saturday morning MMA fans will need to add some UFC action to their plate.

The UFC on Fuel 6 main card is set to broadcast live from Macau, China, at 9 a.m. EST. That translates to a 6 a.m. start time on the West Coast and a start time as early as 4:15 a.m. in the western parts of the United States for fans wanting to catch the preliminary card on Facebook.

I don’t know about many of you, but 4:15 a.m. on a Saturday morning is either when my night is ending or it’s reserved for some much needed sleep, not the UFC.

With such an early start time for a live showing, will the UFC on Fuel 6 event be the worst event ever for the UFC in terms of ratings?

It’s certainly shaping up to take the title. The start time is just one of many problems, but it isn’t the main one. That distinction goes to the event’s promotional push and its lineup.

If this is your first time hearing about the UFC on Fuel 6 event, you may not be alone. The UFC has chosen to give the card a relatively small push with U.S. fans despite it being the UFC’s first venture into the Chinese market. Instead, the UFC has chosen to focus on UFC 154 and the return of its big-money man, Georges St-Pierre.

Also, the card does feature a number of “big name” fighters littered throughout, but the match-ups aren’t anything to build upon. The main event between Rich Franklin and Cung Le is likely to be an entertaining scrap, but means next to nothing in the grand scheme of the middleweight rankings.

The rest of the card features well-known names like Thiago Silva, Paulo Thiago and Takanori Gomi, but their match-ups also mean little in terms of rankings. Both Gomi and Thiago are looking to revive their careers in the Octagon, while Silva is struggling to stay relevant in the light heavyweight division after being suspended for a year.

The card’s placement on Fuel TV also presents its own problems. It’s not a channel that’s available through some major cable networks, which will leave some fans in the dark unless they check online.

All these factors will likely combine to make for one of the worst television draws for a UFC event ever. I see fans choosing to sleep in their warm beds rather than waking up to watch a handful of mid-tier fighters compete for relevancy.

However, I do expect a lot of DVR’s to be in play, with fans choosing to record the early morning show and tune in later.

Photo: Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin (Sherdog)

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