The show kicked off with a recap of Brad Scott’s decision victory of Xaiver Lucas in the welterweight division.

The final bout was announced. Mike Wilkinson of Team UK was set to take on Grant Blackler of Team Australia to earn the final spot in the lightweight part of the tournament.

Coach Dean Amasinger of Team UK left a black book of strategy in the gym, which led to Coach Ross Pearson and his staff to look around for it in the gym. It almost led to a meltdown from Coach George Sotiropoulos, who screamed for Team UK coaches to get out of the gym.

It was then announced that the final welterweight showdown would not be a UK-Australian showdown as thought, but a fight between replacement James Vainikolo and teammate Xavier Lucas. This led Valentino Petrescu of Team UK to flip out, feeling it should be a UK-Australian fight.

Dana White then held a conference with the fighters, saying the worst thing that could happen on the show, had happened. He asked for the culprits to step forward. Bola Omayele and Luke Newman offered themselves, though Dana knew there were more involved.

The competitors used a phone, the biggest offense possible. He asked who texted the results, to which they replied nobody, despite the fact he had the texts. He refused to remove anyone, but it was “close.”

The weigh-ins came, with Wilkinson weighing in at 155 pounds. Blackler weighed in at 150.5 pounds, well under the lightweight limit.

Add to that the fact James Vainikolo could not make weight, and Xavier Lucas took the last welterweight spot. Again, Petruscu flipped out to no avail.

Grant Blackler vs. Mike Wilkinson

The bout saw a feel out process start the action. After a scramble and guillotine attempt by Wilkinson, the two clinched for a couple minutes.

Eventually, Wilkinson scrambled into a position to hold Blackler’s back. He would sink in a rear-naked choke, which earned a tap from Blackler and earned Wilkinson a semifinal berth.

Official Result: Mike Wilkinson def. Grant Blackler by submission (rear-naked choke)

Wilkinson joined an all-UK semifinal round, which includes Colin Fletcher, Norman Parke and Brendan Loughnane. The welterweight round includes Australians Ben Alloway, Robert Whittaker, Xavier Lucas and Brad Scott of Team UK. Next week, the semifinals are picked and we will get a closer look to who makes the final.

Photo: The TUF Smashes cast, including coaches Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos (UFC)

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