In the sport of mixed martial arts, the majority of fighters have a nickname that is either descriptive or that is just something out of nowhere. But when it comes to the most unique of them all, former UFC welterweight and current Score Fighting Series fighter Forrest Petz ‘s may never be topped.

Petz is known as “The Meat Cleaver.” The welterweight gets asked many times where he got the name, and, as it turns out, it wasn’t something he came up with on his own.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a good story or anything. All I can say is I got a friend who made it up,” Petz, with a laugh, told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “I don’t know how it got stuck on me. He was trying to make up something memorable and it was kinda funny. Now I can’t get rid of it.”

Petz (R) throws a right hand (Peter Lockley/Sherdog)

Before stepping into the cage at Score Fighting Series 7 on Nov. 23 from the Hamilton Place Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Petz prepared himself at his training headquarters in Cleveland. With a solid training camp at Strong Style Fight Gym, he feels great heading into Friday night’s contest.

“I’m in great shape,” stated Petz. “I’ve had some good training, [and] good sparring partners. I sparred with a light heavyweight with good reach, John Hawk, and another guy named Nick Duell, who is a southpaw. My opponent is a tall guy and likes to switch orthodox and southpaw, so I got two good sparring partners to help me get ready for that.”

Squaring off with “The Meat Cleaver” in the main event at SFS 7 will be Jordan Mein, who last fought with Strikeforce. Mein is only 23 years old, but already has 25 wins in 33 fights, almost identical to the record of Petz.

Petz says it’s a favorable match-up for him, but Mein is an up-and-coming guy with a lot of hype that he’s looking to silence.

“He’s really tough. I think he’s on the way up, and I feel like if I get a win over him, I can inherit some of his hype,” the veteran said. “I like the way I match up with him. I see opportunities in his game that I can exploit, but he’s super tough and I got nothing but respect for the guy.”

To say that Petz has been through many peaks and valleys in his career would be an understatement. He joined the UFC in 2006, but was unsuccessful at staying consistent, going just 2-3. The promotion decided to release him, but after compiling a streak outside the Octagon, he was afforded another chance by the UFC. However, the welterweight fell to Daniel Roberts and Brian Foster in 2010, which triggered another release.

After all he’s been through, Petz is looking forward to headlining an event in front of a live television audience.

“I’m excited about it,” Petz admitted. “I fought for them back in March, and back here in the States, I didn’t know what a big deal Score is because it’s a sports channel in Canada and when I saw the event and production of it, it was top notch. I just really like the way they put the show on AXS TV, so it’s kind of a big deal. A lot of people around here might not know about it yet, but I think they will down the road. An opportunity to headline their show is an honor.”

Petz (R) (Peter Lockley/Sherdog)

As far as the long term, Petz would be satisfied with fighting for Score, but is aware of other opportunities out there if he can extend his winning streak to five.

“I’m just taking it one fight at a time. Obviously, the UFC is the big show and really that’s where the money is,” he said. “In the meantime, I’m happy to fight for Score, but hopefully on this win streak I get signed by a bigger promotion.”

At 37 years old, Petz has seen it all when it comes to fighting. “The Meat Cleaver” doesn’t have a certain goal he wants to accomplish before his career is over, but he is focused on one thing, and that’s to earn a win on Friday night.

“I just take it one fight at a time. Right now, I just want to beat this dude. I think a win over Jordan Mein is a really good accomplishment,” stated Petz. “Obviously, my UFC career didn’t work out the way that I had hoped, and another shot there would be nice just to get some wins and make some money, [so] when it’s all over, I got something to show for it.”

“But right now, I just wanna beat Jordan Mein. That’s the only thing I’m really concerned about.”

Forrest would like to thank his sponsor Intimidation Clothing, Strong Style Fight Gym, and his training partners. Follow him on Twitter: @MeatCleaverPetz

Photo: Forrest Petz (Rob Tatum/The MMA Corner)

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