At some point, someone must say “enough already” and pull the plug, even if they feel no desire to see why they should.

At least, some will say something to that effect if one mentions Thiago Silva, who tested positive for marijuana metabolites after UFC on Fuel TV 6 in Macao, China. After losing to Alexander Gustafsson, Silva found himself in the co-headliner of the Macao card and earned a third-round submission win over Stanislav Nedkov. The bout marked Silva’s first official win since a UFC 102 knockout of Keith Jardine, as well as Nedkov’s first pro loss.

Now that Silva’s drug test has reached the eyes and ears of the MMA world, however, Silva’s record instead holds the second no-contest of his career. Meanwhile, Nedkov remains undefeated with the no-contest as the only blemish on his record.

Some would question when the UFC will realize that no worth comes with the trouble of keeping Silva under UFC contract, citing the fact of his no-contest with Nedkov and the no-contest he received after a unanimous decision win over Brandon Vera at UFC 125. Many will recall that Silva altered a urine sample to avoid testing positive for a banned substance at that event, though he still received the same punishment in the end.

Nobody can know for sure if Silva, once a prospect touted as a potential title holder, even remains worth the trouble. While arguments exist for why the ends don’t justify the means, Silva may claim one element of his game which will likely ensure that he gets another tilt under the UFC banner.

Like him or not, Silva does possess a killer instinct that fans always compliment in the world of combat sports. Whether he shows off his improving wrestling game or he hunts for a knockout, Silva brings that aggression with him into the cage at all times, which might shine a light on how the risk of any bizarre post-fight mishaps with Silva ultimately proves the worth of the rewards that come with giving this guy fights.

Remember Gerald Harris’ ten-fight winning streak? Sure, Harris didn’t received the label of “The New Axe Murderer” like Silva did, but he finished nine of those ten fights before that UFC 123 bout with Maiquel Falcao. When Harris found himself out of the UFC after losing to Falcao, fans expressed outrage in a finisher like Harris getting released because of one lackluster fight.

In a similar fashion, cutting Silva loose could spark similar outrage, even though he did use banned substances in two of his last four fights. While Silva must see the benefits of simply pulling out of fights when he knows that he cannot compete in a fight without using a banned substance to mend some sort of injury, he still stands as a person fans will want to see fight. Why would fans want to see Silva fight when he has only won one of his last five bouts?

For the answer, remember what we said about Silva’s killer instinct and look at his record beyond this recent slump. In an era in which fans often complain about fighters fighting to not lose, Silva remains one of the few fighters that fans know will look for a finish, even if they side with his opponent. Not only do fans adore it, but UFC President Dana White loves it.

Taking all that into account, maybe Silva can boast good odds of finally getting to reclaim the hype that came with his early career run. After he rehabilitates, he will hopefully understand that he will benefit more from simply allowing injuries to heal rather than risking another “positive note” or “high note” and from there, he will keep on rolling.

If Silva does show that willpower when he returns to action, he may find himself on the comeback trail at long last, while every unfortunate soul in his path may find themselves on the receiving end of his highlight reel of hellacious knockouts.

Photo: Thiago Silva (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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