This episode kicked off with a recap of Robert Whittaker’s knockout of Xavier Lucas from last week’s episode. We are reminded that Whittaker meets Brad Scott in the finale to see who wins this season’s welterweight tournament.

A large focus of the training for both Colin Fletcher and Richie Vaculik is the size difference. Vaculik is seen training with the welterweights to simulate Fletcher’s size difference, while Fletcher hits mitts with a smaller UK coach to simulate Vaculik.

Since the end is near for the show, almost all of the guys in the house are seen gorging on food and enjoying themselves by playing soccer and other activities, while Vaculik and Fletcher must focus on cutting weight and staying healthy.

The weigh-ins come without incident. Richie weighs in at 150.5 pounds and Colin weighs in at 156.

[alert type=white ]Colin Fletcher vs. Richie Vaculik[/alert]

The first round was a kickboxing match for almost the entire five minutes. Fletcher kept the distance and used his reach on Vaculik, while Vaculik moved in and out with his quickness. A ton of leg kicks were thrown and landed throughout the round. Vaculik attempted two weak takedowns in a row at one point, but was simply shaken off. The round ended with Fletcher throwing Vaculik down, almost landing an illegal kick to the head and throwing punches from Vaculik’s back. Fletcher likely won the round 10-9.

The second round started off like the first. The best strike of the fight was landed when Vaculik hit an overhand right on Fletcher. The leg kick fiesta continued until Vaculik hit a powerful takedown on Fletcher. As Vaculik was working from side control, Fletcher swept him and cranked his arm awkwardly, forcing Vaculik to verbally submit to a modified keylock or an injury. It may have been a combination of both.

[divider]Official Result: Colin Fletcher def. Richie Vaculik via submission (modified keylock/injury)

At the end, UFC President Dana White called everyone together and had the finalists square off. In the welterweight finale, Team Australia’s Robert Whittaker meets Team UK’s Brad Scott, while Team UK teammates Colin Fletcher and Norman Parke meet in the lightweight finale.

Also added to the card from the show, Aussie welterweights will square off on the undercard when Manuel Rodriguez meets Ben Alloway. And, UK lightweights are set to fight on the prelims when Brendan Loughnane fights Mike Wilkinson.

Photo: The TUF Smashes cast, including coaches Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos (UFC)

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