The lightweight final of The Ulitmate Fighter: The Smashes features one of the most interesting, crazy personalities in TUF history. Colin Fletcher, known by his nickname “Freakshow,” earned his spot in the finals with his skillful fighting, but he is gathering a cult following due to his outrageous personality.

Fletcher is a more “demented” version of Tom Lawlor. He walks to the ring dressed as a clown, wears tiny hats on his head and has shown to be involved in hilarious antics in the TUF house. Simply put, he is a character.

The UFC could use more personalities like Fletcher in its ranks. Sure, the fight game is serious once the cage door closes. However, Fletcher’s personality has the ability to attract attention from fans, outside media and others that could bring more eyes to the UFC.

Going into TUF, Fletcher already had a solid cult following. His exposure on the show has further driven his fan base. Guys that are able to gather cult followings and have great popularity usually last longer in the UFC no matter how their career turns.

These fighters are usually given more leeway when they hit a losing streak. Boring fighters that fail to draw eyes are usually the guys that are ousted from the organization quicker when they hit hard times in the cage.

Fletcher’s antics on the show definitely showed that he is an odd dude. However, odd usually attracts intrigue. Fans love guys who don’t fit the typical mold of the jock fighter. That is why a guy like Lawlor has a huge fan following even though he is nothing more than a mid-card fighter at this point in his career.

Fletcher defeating Norman Parke would be the best-case scenario for the UFC. His post-fight interview and trophy presentation would further allow him to push his odd personality across to fans watching UFC on FX 6 this weekend.

Fletcher has the potential to be a folk hero type of fighter. The win would likely keep him around for a while, which is a great way for him to continue building an already healthy fan base. And even with a loss, Fletcher is likely to remain employed after making it to the TUF finals.

People like Chael Sonnen, Tom Lawlor and Colin Fletcher have personalities that keep them employed and in higher-profile situations than other guys. Fans follow guys that interest them, and Fletcher is definitely one of those guys who can put butts in the seats and sell tickets.

Photo: Colin Fletcher (David Lethaby/Sherdog)

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