The 16th installment of Legacy Fighting Championship started out in a new, larger cage with a majority of early finishes. Big knockouts, quick taps, and an unconscious fighter set the theme for an exciting night of MMA in the Lone Star State.

Most of the winners were expected, but nobody could expect such spectacular finishes.

In the much anticipated rematch of Hobar and Peterson, there was a grinding decision with Hobar clearly taking the count.

The flyweight title fight ended with a quick, second-round TKO, delivering a new Legacy champ.

Campuzano takes the title with a second-round TKO

The Legacy flyweight title fight opened as expected with Jimmy Flick wrestling and dominating WEC veteran Will Campuzano on the ground with ease.  The Mexico native found himself smothered for the majority of the first round, falling behind 10-9.

Round two was short-lived with Campuzano landing a knee flush to Flick’s grill, followed by a ground-and-pound flurry, handing the youngster his first loss and securing Campuzano the Legacy flyweight title.

Hobar defeats Peterson in a grinding rematch

The bitter rematch between Matt Hobar and Steven Peterson started with both fighters looking for powerful strikes to no avail.  The brawlers went back and forth for a full round until the bell.  The round appeared to go to Hobar.

Round two started the same with the fight hitting the ground and Hobar commanding, until a lot of scrambling led them back to their feet.  About three-and-a-half minutes into round two, Hobar clipped Peterson, taking the fight back to the ground with Peterson in trouble.  The middle frame ended with Hobar ahead on the scorecards.

In round three, Hobar pretty much gave up all of his earlier points by throwing single-punch haymakers, doing little to no damage while dropping his hands between strikes.  Round three could’ve gone either way, only because Peterson got dinged a point for a low shot.  The deduction ensured that Hobar won by majority decision.

Skelly pounds out Trujillo

This match-up started with a quick exchange, followed by a dominant Chas Skelly taking Rey Trujillo’s back for pretty much all of the first round. Round one ended on the ground in a fairly uneventful manner. A clear 10-9 round for Skelly.

Round two started with Trujillo swinging and Skelly getting right back on his back, only standing this time. Skelly again spent most of the round riding Trujillo’s back. For some odd reason, the ref stood the fight up despite Skelly’s pure ground dominance. Like the opening frame, round two went the way of Skelly, 10-9.

To no surprise, round three was exactly the same as the first two, with Skelly securing back control.  After riding out most of the round with no submission and no significant damage, he moved to the mount, then back control again, eventually punching out Trujillo in a lackluster TKO win.

Benoit pops Sandoval

Joseph Sandoval and Ryan Benoit came out in open stance, with Sandoval in a southpaw position.  Sandoval got dropped with a straight left and Benoit swarmed with ground and pound.  The barrage forced the referee to intervene at the 1:02 mark of the first round.

Byrd loses flight, taps early Krantz

Derrick Krantz and Charles Byrd came out swingign, but Krantz secured an easy takedown and quickly took Byrd’s back, sinking in his hooks. Krantz eventually worked Byrd over into seated rear control and secured a rear-naked choke with Byrd tapping out.

Mai has Russ counting sheep while standing

Klayton Mai and Alex Russ both came out with tight stances, arms and hands in close to the body, with lots of bouncy footwork.  Mai took Russ down with a double leg takedown, but they stood right back up. Russ secured back control, riding Mai to the ground. Mai stood up, secured a standing guillotine choke and eventually put Russ out on his feet..

Caldwell punishes Kempf early

Quanit Kempf came out with a solid, tight boxing stance, while Darrion Caldwell stayed rangy, throwing wild kicks.  Caldwell clipped Kempf with a high, grazing left hook, putting Kempf out on his back. Kempf woke to a flurry of ground and pound with the ref stepping in just one minute into the fight.

Will Campuzano def. Jimmy Flick by TKO (knee and punches).  Round 2, 0:26 – Legacy flyweight champion
Matt Hobar def. Steven Peterson by majority decision (29-27, 29-28 x2)
Chas Skelly def. Rey Trujillo by TKO (punches).  Round 3, 4:53
Ryan Benoit def. Joseph Sandoval by TKO (punches).  Round 1, 1:02
Derrick Krantz def. Charles Byrd by submission (rear-naked choke).  Round 1, 3:02
Klayton Mai def. Alex Russ by technical submission (standing guillotine). Round 1. 3:31
Darrion Caldwell def. Quaint Kempf by TKO (punches). Round 1, 1:00
Eli Tamez def. Nathan Torres by TKO (dislocated shoulder).  Round 2,
Russell Brewer def. Aaron Culpepper by decision.
Evan Thompson def. Bobby Moore by TKO.  Round 1
Sidney Cawdrey def. Joseph Salas by decision.
Alfredo Leija def. Alex Madrid by TKO.  Round 2

Photo: Will Campuzano (Sherdog)

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