It didn’t take long for the pre-fight interactions to between Adam Cella and Uriah Hall.

“We’re going to have the most entertaining fight of the season,” Cella told Hall.

Cella then began to discuss how the fight would be entertaining as they “both like to stand.” Hall didn’t seem to divulge anything saying that he didn’t know if the fight would go that way—trying to keep his fight plans a secret.

Later Hall talked about his past after moving stateside from Jamaica and his bout with a bully in junior high who “slapped me silly.” Hall continued to try and keep composure saying that martial arts gave him confidence and was his life.

“Uriah is the best athlete here,” Sonnen later told cameras. Shots then turned to Hall being submitted by armbar and after tapping, he threw his headgear off in disgust.

“Uriah Hall is his own worst enemy,” Sonnen stated.

Cella and Bubba McDaniel were shown on the patio talking and Cella stated how he didn’t have to fight because he went to school and could get a well paying job. That takes pressure off him, but he wants to win.

“Initially I think it’s going to be a stand-up, kickboxing fight,” Cella told the cameras. Then Jones told cameras that he thinks Cella needs more work especially in the grappling department seemingly foreshadowing things to come in the fight as Cella seems to have bought into the thought that in no way the fight will hit the mat.

After what Cella said, Hall said how he wanted this so bad because he hears how everybody is saying they don’t need this and stated how he needed the victory.

“I got so much to gain and nothing to lose,” Hall stated to the cameras.

During practice Sonnen took Hall aside and talked to him about losing, trying to comfort him and make him feel at ease with the possibility just to relax Hall.

“They’ll tell you failure is not an option. That is absolutely ridiculous,” Sonnen said. “Failure is always an option, it’s the most readily available option at all times, but it’s a choice. You can choose to fail. You can choose to succeed,” Sonnen said ringside to the cameras.

Kevin Casey seemed to be angry about not getting his fight with McDaniel after being called out last week. However, he was shown stating the coaches talked him out of the fight. Then Casey seemed to have placed his picture in the third fight slot against an opponent to be named later. Then McDaniel placed his picture next to Casey’s.

At the weigh-ins, the cameras showed interviews with most of the Team Jones’ members and the confidence in their teammate winning the fight has shot up drastically after last week’s lack of confidence in Gilbert Smith.

Jones then stopped by the fighter house and talked with his fighters to see why they got into fighting and why they wanted to be in the UFC. After the airing out between fighters the team got closer as was Jones’ plan.

Coaches then tried to psych in their fighters with Sonnen telling Hall to not just picture an easy fight, but to picture adversity as well. Just like that we were off to the second fight since entering the house.

Adam Cella vs. Uriah Hall

Cella and Hall went back and forth to open the round with a couple combos and a few leg kicks. Eventually the two went to the clinch and Hall landed a few knees before the two separated. Hall then caught Cella’s kick and took him down from there, laying in Cella’s guard.

After a failed triangle choke setup from Cella, Hall stood up and eventually let Cella back up as well. Hall then used a push kick to knock Cella over, but allowed him to stand back up. Hall then caught another kick and threw Cella over and gestured for him to stand back up.

Both fighters attacked with combos that included a sweet left leg kick to left head kick combo from Hall. The two continued to trade, then came the shot that ended the fight and left Cella on the ground out cold, gasping for breath. Hall landed a spinning  hook kick that sent Cella’s unconscious body to the mat with just seconds remaining in the round.

Cella was quickly surrounded by doctors as Hall stood near him and said, “I’m sorry Adam.”

Uriah Hall def. Adam Cella by knockout (spinning hook kick). Round 1

The episode came back to a clearly disoriented Cella as Hall was crowned the winner of the second fight and moving on to the next round. Dana White then jokingly told the fighters that they should go for the “Submission of the Season” or the “Fight of the Season” after that knockout. Hall then apologized to Cella through the cameras.

Referee Steve Mazzagatti then told Team Jones that Cella would regain his memory, but he was headed to the hospital.

Sonnen dropped a shocker on the house picking Casey to fight Collin Hart instead of McDaniel who was visibly angry and surprised at the pick after jawing with Casey over the last week.

“I was going to walk right through him,” McDaniel told cameras as the episode closed.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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