If MMA fans didn’t know who Uriah Hall was prior to this season of The Ultimate Fighter, they’re certainly aware of him now.

Hall was set to compete against Adam Cella on the show, and he won the bout in impressive fashion. With seconds remaining in the first round, Hall landed a spinning heel kick to the face of Cella. The fallen fighter laid on the ground for several minutes after in a scary scene that unfolded in the Octagon as medical personnel attended to Cella.

The question has been asked if Hall’s knockout should be in contention for “Knockout of the Year” honors. At first glance, the answer should be no, as the fight is considered an exhibition match and therefore doesn’t count against or for a fighter. If the fight itself doesn’t count on their record, why should the manner in which it is won or lost count either?

That question has a very simple answer that goes hand in hand with a common phrase: if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, then it is a duck.

It’s the same of the fights airing on TUF. They may not count for anyone’s record, yet we still dissect them when the finale rolls along as if they were true fights. And that’s because they are. There are no special rules, like no elbows, or conditions aside from a “sudden death” round. These fights are similar in virtually every fashion except for how they’re logged on fighter databases and in the eyes of the state athletic commissions.

With that in mind, Hall’s knockout should count towards any “of the Year” voting. It’s an award for a dynamic finish that captivates audiences by presenting a brutal finish. Those qualities were met when Hall landed his spinning heel kick flush to the jaw of Cella.

But, obviously, Hall has other concerns on his mind while competing on the show. It’s pretty clear that Hall will have a bull’s eye on his back for the entire show now, and it will be interesting to see how he handles himself going forward. It’s easy to get overconfident after such a vicious showing, but Hall has other reasons to feel confident as he continues along on TUF.

A glance at Hall’s resume reveals a few qualities about the man as a fighter. For one, he’s proficient at securing victories that don’t reside on a judge’s scorecard. Out of Hall’s seven professional victories, only one has come via decision.

The other item that should give Hall confidence is the fact that he’s already faced UFC-level guys. After winning the Ring of Combat belt, Hall, in 2010, faced Chris Weidman, who is now considered one of the next in line for a shot at Anderson Silva’s UFC middleweight title. Hall then faced Costa Philippou, now a rising UFC middleweight contender, in February of 2011. The TUF competitor lasted the entire bout and, despite losing a decision, should take some measure of pride in the fact that he made it through a contest with a very tough fighter who’s defeated better guys than Hall.

However, despite all the attention he’s receiving now, I’ll wait until Hall faces some actual UFC-caliber guys inside the Octagon before calling him anything more than an exciting prospect. He’s provided fans with something that’s been lacking in recent season of TUF—a reason to actually watch the show. Although he’s looked impressive thus far, the jury is still out on just how far this flashy fighter can go.

Photo: Uriah Hall (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

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