After last week’s knockout, we picked up on the night where we left off, with Adam Cella returning home in a hospital gown and talking to Uriah Hall; congratulating him on his knockout. The knockout was so explosive that Cella even said that he had no recollection of what had happened.

Focus shifted to the fighters and Kevin Casey who was talking about the cut he received and why he chose Collin Hart. According to Casey, the choice of Hart was based on a stylistic matchup and felt he was better suited for him in the third house fight. This brought in Bubba McDaniel who continued to talk down Casey to the rest of his Team Jones teammates.

“There is no way you lose,” McDaniel told Hart of his upcoming fight.

With that, Team Jones’ practice highlighted Hart’s pre-fight preparation. Hart discussed his childhood stating that he got beat up during recess by bullies and that he was happy this happened because “it made me stronger.”

Back at the house, Casey’s rap videos were brought up and this led to Casey freestyling in front of the rest of the house and some of the other fighters joined in.

During practice, Casey displayed his great ground skills that were developed from Rickson Gracie’s son that impressed coach, Chael Sonnen.

Team Sonnen picked up on McDaniel’s paranoia about his weight, watching him diet and suddenly in a Super Bowl-esque moment, the power went out in the house and some Team Sonnen members decided to prank Team Jones during the blackout.

Then the weigh-ins came and the two fighters took to the scales. Both made weight at 186 pounds. In the face off things got heated as Hart did something not made for TV as Casey went to shake his hand. Casey then forced his face upon Hart’s in a heated staredown that brought a little fire to the third fight.

Hart later stated that he flipped off Casey because of the prank pulled the night before. Casey later said he didn’t take any malice from the incident but felt disrespected.

“I tried to make a statement that it’s not okay to come in my room the night before and wake me up,” Hart said. “I’m going to hurt him in front of the rest of his team.”

With the build-up to the third fight this was definitely the most heated fight so far.

“When I get in the ring I have one motto ‘No surrender, no retreat,'” stated Casey.

Collin Hart vs. Kevin Casey

The fight began with Hart sprinting towards Casey and getting a double leg takedown against the fence, landing in side control with an isolation of the left arm. Casey eventually recovered guard and was able to hold Hart in his guard. Hart landed some insignificant shots to keep busy, but Casey eventually tried for a weak guillotine attempt to which Hart countered by moving into half guard.

From there the two fighters stood up working from the clinch. Hart was able to counter a couple of takedowns from Casey, utilizing double underhooks and eventually push Casey against the cage. The two went back and forth trading small knees and punches against the cage. Towards the end of the round, Casey unleashed a nice little combo before ultimately being held in the clinch against the cage to end the first round.

Things started much differently in the second round with Casey pushing forward on Hart with a few combinations, backing Hart up against the cage. Hart then turned Casey to the cage and, once again, dominated the clinch with double underhooks and attempted to get a leg sweep takedown and succeeded. From half guard, Hart stayed close to Casey and escaped into side control utilizing a seatbelt grip and progressed into mount position.

Casey seemed to have no answer for Hart on the ground letting Hart move around from side control to mount and all the way to side control on the other side. From half guard Hart reigned down with a few shots, but Casey was available to recover guard. Casey attempted a poor triangle and was subsequently battered with a few punches as more blood began to pour from his head.

The round ended with Hart on top utilizing the body-head ground-and-pound he used the whole round as Casey seemed gassed from the last round.

The judges decided there would be no third round as Hart took a dominant decision win.

Collin Hart def. Kevin Casey by unanimous decision (20-18 x3)

After the fight, Hart apologized for the gesture at the weigh-ins as Team Jones took control of the fight picks. Hart then celebrated victory by going over to the treadmill and doing a jog to celebrate. Cameras then shifted to show a clearly unhappy Casey who was very critical of his own performance. Casey even stated that “physically I wasn’t all there.”

Team Jones surrounded Hart happy they took control of the fights as Jones picked Bubba McDaniel to face Kelvin Gastelum—the youngest fighter in Ultimate Fighter history.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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