Although the UFC is the king of MMA in the United States and the world, Canada is without a doubt in the firm grasp of the Maximum Fighting Championship or MFC. Leading the charge for MFC and Canadian MMA is company head Mark Pavelich.

Obviously, first and foremost on his mind was the upcoming event MFC 36, slated to go down this weekend. The event is headlined by a lightweight title contest between Mukai Maromo and Graham Spencer.

“Watching Maromo is like watching a modern-day video game. It’s amazing some of the things he can do,” an excited Pavelich said. “And Graham is relentless and will push the pace.”

Pavelich has been a big supporter of Maromo in the weeks leading up to the event, but that doesn’t mean he’s counting Spencer out.

“I’m big on both guys. I like Maromo’s style, but I don’t want people to think I’m writing off Spencer at all. I think both guys are great fighters,” Pavelich said.

Of course, the toughest task for Pavelich and the MFC is making sure both guys come in at, or under, the 155-pound weight limit, something the MFC has struggled with in the past. Pavelich went on a rant about how upset he was when Adam Lynn came in overweight for his scheduled lightweight title fight last year against Maromo. Pavelich’s enthusiasm quickly waned when considering the possibility that the scales could halt another title fight..

“Of course, I’m not going to tell you I’m confident [the fighters will make weight]. I’m just holding my breath, I don’t want to jinx anything,” he said.

Maromo won his contest against Lynn and, although the lightweight title was no longer on the line, in effect became the unofficial champ. Still, Pavelich hopes neither man takes this fight for granted..

“Both guys know what’s at stake. I don’t think either guy is coming in with a sense of entitlement, or at least I hope they’re not,” Pavelich said.

Prior to Maromo and Spencer scrapping for the lightweight title, Canada’s top heavyweight will take the stage. The 24-year-old Mike Hackert will step in the MFC ring to take on Smealinho Rama. Hackert appears to have real talent despite not being very experienced in the sport, a fact not lost on Pavelich.

“What I think makes Mike special is his hand speed. He has incredibly fast hands for a heavyweight,” Pavelich said.

Speed will be key for the MFC as a whole in 2013. Pavelich believes his promotion can effectively carve out a slot as the clear No. 2 MMA promotion in the world, and he has his eyes on expansion.

“Listen, here’s how I see it: When you wake up in the morning and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day, sometimes you want to switch it up. You know, one morning you want a peanut butter and honey sandwich,” Pavelich said. “I’m the honey.”

The analogy is perfect, as MFC does offer a lot of differences from the UFC and from what fans typically expect from a MMA promotion.

“We’re exciting; it’s more fun in a ring. I hate the cage as a fan. I had to use a cage once due to it being required for the athletic commission, but now it’s in a storage unit in Ontario where it belongs,” Pavelich said.

For MMA fans who may grow tired of the PB&J routine, they’ll definitely want to tune in Friday to check out the video-game style of Maromo, the relentless Spencer and the numerous other talented fighters competing under the MFC banner.

Photo: Mark Pavelich (MFC)

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