Ivan Menjivar is a longtime veteran of the sport of MMA, having debuted all the way back in 2001. He has faced a who’s-who of the sport, including Joe Lauzon, Caol Uno and Matt Serra. The Tristar representative has made a great run in his career, going 4-1 since arriving in the UFC. This run has allowed Menjivar to be considered one of the top bantamweights in the company, which is likely the reason he was granted his upcoming fight with Urijah Faber.

Even with all the seasoning and experience the Salvadorian-Canadian has, he does not necessarily call it an “advantage.”

“Experience can be an advantage or disadvantage,” Menjivar told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “These days, everybody is dangerous, so experience isn’t everything. You got young kids coming out well-rounded and dangerous, so that at times will cancel out experience.”

Menjivar celebrates victory (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

His only loss in the UFC so far came back at UFC 148, where he dropped a close decision to Mike Easton. Luckily for Menjivar, he has a great outlook on the fight business and taking losses.

“Losing learns you a lot,” he admitted. “You have to use that to get back into the gym and get better. It’s just a sport and it’s fun, but losing is a part of the sport and you just need to use it to improve.”

This weekend, he meets a former nemesis of his in the form of Faber. Back in 2006, the two met in a regional promotion, where Faber took a unanimous decision victory. However, Menjivar sees this as a completely different scenario.

“It’s a new fight. We both have had great careers, and we are both different fighters from the first time we met,” Menjivar explained. “This is going to be a great fight for both of us.”

Menjivar latches onto an armbar (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

Menjivar was very complementary when it came to discussing Faber as an opponent. He knows that Faber will have the wrestling advantage, but wrestling is just one part of this mixed martial arts game. Whatever happens, he isn’t even thinking about what is to come after the Faber fight.

“He has good wrestling, but I am a complete fighter. I have faced wrestlers before,” Menjivar said. “With a win over Faber, I am not thinking about my next fight. Right now, I am just focused on Faber; I will have plenty of time to think about who I want to fight next when this fight is over.”

With all that in mind, we look forward to another encounter between two highly competitive athletes. The Tristar gym representative faces the Team Alpha Male fighter in what will surely be a great fight for fans to watch.

Ivan would like to thank everyone at Tristar Gym and all the coaches there, the fans for buying tickets and making the sport what it is, Hayabusa, Headrush, all of his sponsors, and MMA writers because they love the sport and help advertise it

Top Photo: Ivan Menjivar (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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  • This fight is really the most exciting match ever. But We already know that the Salvadorian-Canadian Menjivar lost the fight by a submission. One of the top bantamweights Menjivar has a bright Carrier in his life. In the September he will fight again,hope for his comeback.