UFC welterweights Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz left the MMA world talking when they joined co-headliners Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks in speaking to members of the press in a conference call on Thursday afternoon to promote UFC 158, but the hunger shown by all four went on full display during the conference call.

Though a heated debate broke out once Diaz opined about whether St-Pierre gets pampered, Diaz looked to showcase a new-and-improved version of himself when he meets St-Pierre inside the Octagon, just as he does for every fight he takes.

“I’d like to think that I’ve been training a little bit smarter, Diaz said. “I think I do that for every fight and every year but I’m always on that looking towards the future. ”

As for St-Pierre, he remains focused on Diaz and only on Diaz. Nothing else matters until he and his nemesis finish doing business. To put it another way, folks, quit asking about Anderson Silva, because Diaz brings the fight that St-Pierre wants right now.

“I don’t care about Anderson Silva at all,” St-Pierre said, “I’m not looking past Nick Diaz. I respect my opponent. People believe I want that fight but the big fight for me right now is Nick Diaz. I don’t care about what’s coming next for me in my life. March 16 will be the next chapter of my career and that’s all I’m focusing on next.”

Condit and Hendricks, two men who will undoubtedly keep one eye fixated on Saturday’s, also compete in the co-headliner of the evening. Hendricks co-headlined UFC 154 against Martin Kampmann to earn what many believed as a title shot, but St-Pierre’s desire to settle his score with Diaz overshadowed Hendricks’ long-awaited opportunity.

Condit shares some history with both headliners in a similar breath to Hendricks. Condit defeated Diaz to earn a shot at St-Pierre’s title, and fought St-Pierre in UFC 154’s headliner. Condit enjoyed the chance to rematch Rory MacDonald on this card before an injury to MacDonald, which led to Hendricks stepping in.

Naturally, with most of the media attention surrounding St-Pierre vs. Diaz, Condit only let a prediction slip, though he did admit that he liked the main event.

“It’s an interesting match-up,” Condit said, “Their styles are really different. I think Nick can pose some problems to Georges but ultimately I think Georges will come out on top.”

Though Condit gave credit to the interest in St-Pierre vs. Diaz, many can also say the same about Condit’s fight with Hendricks. Both men bring unique style to the Octagon, as well as a number of tools to implement in the heat of the action. Hendricks knows the many ways he can win, but he won’t focus too much on finding just one way to win, just as he won’t dwell on what might’ve been with his title shot or what might’ve been against original foe Jake Ellenberger, who now faces Nate Marquardt at UFC 158.

Instead, Hendricks will merely take fights one at a time, like he always intends to do, and he will look to respond well to what Condit brings.

“The most important thing is to win fights,” Hendricks said, “It doesn’t matter how you do. If you gotta win like Georges does, you get your hand raised and the fans like that. It is what it is. He’s got his opinion and I’ve got mine. Everybody wants to be on top but there can only be one who gets there.”

“I’ve got to constantly be adapting. I wanted to fight GSP but he chose someone else. I had Jake Ellenberger and I trained very hard for him and now it’s Carlos Condit. I train day by day and nothing else matters but Carlos Condit at this point. I’ve got to go out there and get Carlos Condit.”

Photo Georges St-Pierre (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)