The focus was quickly on Kevin Casey and Bubba McDaniel as they discussed their earlier downfalls this season.

McDaniel also discussed his home life as he trains in New Mexico and his family lives somewhere else, and for McDaniel, he can’t afford to go home and see them as he owes the money to something else.

Coach Jon Jones brought McDaniel through practice before his wildcard match-up talking about his last fight, telling him to stand and fight instead of backing away like McDaniel did in his previous fight. Jones also told McDaniel to make the center of the cage his and to own the cage. McDaniel looked very ready during practice for his wildcard match-up that could bring him back into the tournament.

Josh Samman told Jimmy Quinlan how he would like to fight him and Quinlan agreed simply because “he wants to fight me.” Uriah Hall also wants Samman in the quarterfinals and Team Sonnen discussed the match-up at practice.

Casey trained hard during this practice and talked to cameras about his upcoming fight, mentioning a cut on his forehead that was stitched up earlier this season and will be going into the fight with that could end up being a disadvantage for Casey.

Thanksgiving time at the house came too soon for McDaniel and Casey as the rest of the team pigged out at a house dinner with Jones and Sonnen. McDaniel was not a happy camper as he had some choice words not meant for TV or children about the people complaining about the Thanksgiving dinner. Despite Thanksgiving, both McDaniel and Casey made weight the next day.

Fight morning came and McDaniel was worried about hesitating again inside the ring and that it could give Casey the edge in the fight. Both fighters though were more than happy about the second shot and a fight for redemption as the two fighters get prepared for perhaps the biggest fight thus far this season as a quarterfinal spot is on the line.

Kevin Casey vs. Bubba McDaniel

Finally, fans got the Casey-McDaniel match-up and the first round opened up with the two clinched and Casey bringing down McDaniel into his guard. Casey tried for a guillotine, but McDaniel countered with a move to half guard and the two stood back up again. It didn’t last long though as Casey used a trip to bring McDaniel down and land straight into half guard, moving to side control before finally settling in McDaniel’s guard.

Casey was all over McDaniel on the ground and continuously went back between McDaniel’s guard and side control. McDaniel was able to utilize the cage and wall-walked back up as the two clinched against the cage. McDaniel threw a few good knees while Casey responded with a few punches to the body. Casey was, again, able to toss McDaniel to the ground and ended the first round on top in mount.

The two started the second round from the clinch as both fighters stood against the cage. Casey went for a guillotine choke on McDaniel and dropped to the mat, but landed McDaniel in side control by doing so. Casey was able to recover guard and ate a couple good elbows from McDaniel. McDaniel just rained down with punches from the top for a majority of the round as Casey could find no answers for McDaniel in top control.

Both fighters earned a third round and Casey couldn’t get off the stool for the the final round.

Bubba McDaniel def. Kevin Casey by TKO (exhaustion). Round 2, 5:00

Both coaches were stunned that Casey couldn’t make it out of the second, but Team Sonnen had to carry Casey into the locker room. Casey told cameras he suffered a failed kidney during a fight in 2010 in the same situation. Casey was then driven off to the hospital by ambulance after the fight.

The quarterfinal deliberations began as the coaches and Dana White called the fighters in to ask who they wanted to fight. Its worth noting that the only man to call out Uriah Hall was Collin Hart for their quarterfinal match as White was surprised that anybody asked for Hall in the quarterfinals.

The first match was announced as Collin Hart and Kelvin Gastelum. The next fight is a New Zealand-UK showdown as Dylan Andrews takes on Luke Barnatt . Jimmy Quinlan meets Josh Samman, as Samman got his wish. Finally, McDaniel drew the short straw and will face Uriah Hall in their quarterfinal match.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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