Bellator 93 houses some big names outside of the UFC. And then there are some fighters who just couldn’t quite cut it recently.

Travis Wiuff disappointed in his last Bellator appearance. And for Marcus Davis, his career could be coming to an end very soon.

The question for Davis and Wiuff is whether these fighters can make some sort of run in Bellator.

Davis possesses striking and a manageable ground game. Can he win the welterweight crown in Bellator? Almost definitely not. Can he make a run in the Bellator welterweight tournament? He could be a dark-horse candidate.

At 39 years old, Davis is getting up there in years, but one last go-around could be enough to lift him through a tournament. Nobody wants to go out on a low note, right?

Davis could outpoint a couple guys and win by decision, knockout or submit a guy here and there, then reach a title fight with Ben Askren. That’s where the dream would end, though. Askren’s wrestling would be enough to send Davis out with a loss.

Then, there’s Travis Wiuff. What is there to say about this fighter?

Wiuff looked like he was getting through the light heavyweight tournament and taking Christian M’Pumbu’s belt. There was no question.

Boy, was I wrong.

Wiuff’s style of fighting isn’t flashy and won’t win him any contests with the fans. He is a blanket fighter and will take opponents down at will and grind them out on his way to a decision. This was on display in Bellator in his fights with M’Pumbu and Tim Carpenter.

Wiuff made it all the way to the finals before Attila Vegh knocked him out in the very beginning of their fight. Just like that, Wiuff was out of the tournament and lost his chance at what appeared to be an easy title victory against an opponent he had already overcome on a previous occasion.

The lay-and-pray style that Wiuff employs is very effective, though, and given the fighters he may face in the tournament, Wiuff will be able to use that style fairly easily. Again, while appearing very boring to most fans, Wiuff executes every takedown perfectly, he can hold opponents against the cage and grind away at their strength.

In the end, both of these guys are nearing the ends of their careers. But Davis and Wiuff are capable of making a final run in Bellator, and it all starts at Bellator 93.

Photo: Marcus Davis (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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