In a world of “Rowdys,” “Cyborgs” and “Cookie Monsters” enters an “Astro Girl.” Although her fight name is not completely derived from the Japanese Manga series Astro Boy, the mission will be similar: “Astro Girl” will do battle against intergalactic forces in an effort to preserve the human race.

Well, maybe not that similar.

It’s one of the more unique fighter nicknames in MMA, and it somewhat tells the story of its bearer, Alex Chambers.

“There were a couple of reasons why I got the ‘Astro Girl’ fight name,” Chambers explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “One was that my opponents always seemed to be bigger than me, just like all of Astro Boy’s were.

Chambers (top) (Stefan Daniljchenko/PhotographerAtLarge)

“I also have a degree in physics with one of my majors being Astrophysics; I love the stars and astronomy—not to be confused with astrology.”

Following her dominant display over Mika Nagano in Australia in December 2012, where Chambers later revealed that she was battling an illness on the night of the fight, Chambers was signed by Invicta FC as the second Australian fighter to join the promotion’s growing roster.

“I’m really excited to be fighting for Invicta,” she explained. “I have wanted to fight in the USA for a while now. I loved watching all the previous Invicta shows as a fan, and it’s awesome to be actually fighting on one of their cards.”

With an impressive debut at the front of her mind, the hope of entering into this fight with a clean bill of health is thus far going according to plan.

“There’s still two weeks until the fight—don’t jinx me yet!” she exclaimed. “There are still the same pressures and nerves, but I have more confidence in my fitness this time around.”

Coming off such an entertaining victory and having a reputation of finishing fights, Chambers wants to leave no doubt in anybody’s mind that she is going to add an exciting bout to the Invicta FC 5 card.

Chambers (

“I always want to put on an exciting show for the fans, and I fight to try and finish, which usually makes it more exciting. I do like to finish, and I think it should be a big aspect of people’s games that they look to finish if the opportunity arises,” she said.

A big part of being a professional fighter in this day and age is the aspect of being interactive with fans. To be in the public eye and to be seemingly contacted almost 24 hours a day is something that fans and media have come to expect out of this sport.

“I’m still getting my head around social media and having my life a little bit more out there in the public, which is a little difficult for someone who is usually so private. However, I am slowly getting the hang of it,” Chambers explained.

It’s not that often that a profession can take you to so many different places around the globe. Fighters will often get the chance to travel to places that they otherwise may not have had the chance to visit. Although America is not quite the tropical island that many people prefer to make as their holiday destination, Chambers still plans to embrace her trip on foreign soil.

“We were originally going to fly in and out, but I wanted to make the most of the opportunity of fighting in a different country,” she explained. “We are taking an extra week to do some traveling after the fight. I’m really looking forward to going to New York, maybe even a visit to Marcelo Garcia’s academy, and some New York baked cheesecake!”

Chambers has a slight edge in cage time over her opponent, Jodie Esquibel. However, Esquibel, who possesses a background as a professional boxer, comes into this fight sporting an unblemished record.

“I take fight records with a grain of salt. People can have a lot of experience before they even step into the cage for their first MMA fight,” Chambers admitted.

Chambers (top) (Stefan Daniljchenko/PhotographerAtLarge)

With Esquibel fighting out of Jackson’s MMA, which is often credited as one of the top fight camps in the world, it would be easy for Chambers to go into the fight a little overwhelmed and perhaps even wary as to how the fight will play out, since fighters out of Jackson’s also have a reputation of fighting a “safe” fight.

“I definitely don’t underestimate her striking skills, and I’m looking forward to the challenge. It should be a really good match-up,” she said. “It’s pretty cool to be fighting someone from Jackson’s MMA. It is hard to watch any big MMA fight cards without several of the fighters being from Jackson’s MMA these days. So I am sure she has had a good camp. Although having said that, I am confident with my camp and team at VT1 Mixed Martial Arts Academy.”

The first day of work for a new employer is never an easy task, no matter what your profession happens to be. After coming off the biggest win of her career, the momentum is there for Chambers to put on an exciting display against Esquibel. And with her mind set solely on making the most of her Invicta debut, it is clear that Astro Girl is ready to shoot for the stars and impress people all over the galaxy.

Alex would like to thank her sponsors Level Clothing, Tussle Fightgear, Bloodbath Fightwear, her team and training partners at VT1 Mixed Martial Arts Academy, along with Liam Resnekov, her head coach, and her strength and conditioning coach, Jason Gulati of Real Training and her teammate Glen for always being there to help.

Top Photo: Alex Chambers (, Other images courtesy of Stefan Daniljchenko/PhotographerAtLarge.Com.Au

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