There comes a time in every fighter’s journey where they come in contact with that integral moment in their career that defines who they are. Personifying the true image of a competitive athlete, Justin “Iron Man” Moss is about to hit another pinnacle moment in his amateur fight career with his upcoming fight on April 5 at Made for War MMA.

Ever since childhood, Moss has always had a competitive spirit, which made his entry into MMA in 2009 a challenge he was capable of taking on. Throughout his career, he has always had great mentors like PJ Reilly and Nate Johnson helping him along the trail to perfection. Currently training out of Blunt Force MMA in Denver, under the watchful eye of Seth Rodenbaugh and Tiffany Coolidge, Moss surrounds himself with a team that helps in his continual molding as a fighter.

“I have a huge team that helps prepare me for battle, and each one is essential to my pedigree,” Moss told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “My coaching staff consists of Tiffany Coolidge (strength and conditioning), Seth Rodenbaugh (head coach), Fareed Samad (boxing and striking), Kimo Kreiss (BJJ), Vince Lobato (chiropractor) [and] Nate Ewert (massage therapist). My team puts forth a huge amount of energy and time making me the fighter I am.”

From the physical to the mental aspects of his development, Moss seems to have everything down to a science when it comes to living a fighter’s lifestyle. This undying dedication has given the Blunt Force MMA prospect a great deal of confidence going into many of his fights. Accumulating a record of 4-2, Moss has had many defining moments in his career that have put him on watch by many as a major rising star in the MMA scene in Colorado.

Ross (L) has his hand raised (Casey O'Day/CMO Photography)

His collection of wins has been marked by his adversity and not giving into pressure, even when things aren’t going in his favor during the fight. Considered by many in Colorado as a potential candidate for “Fight of the Year,” Moss’ epic encounter against Peter Straub pitted two top welterweight contenders with conflicting styles against each other. The result found Moss coming out victorious in a battle that got them both a standing ovation from those in attendance at The Paramount Theatre.

Even when suffering the agony of defeat in his two career losses, Moss has used those pitfalls as a guide to acquiring more knowledge in preparation for the future.

“Both were title fights, and both fights I was in a position to win. Tiny mistakes were the difference in both, and mentally I am more prepared because of these situations,” Moss admitted.

Focused on the next challenge, Moss now finds himself traveling into unknown territory as he has his eyes set on his battle against Steve Malouff at Made for War MMA. Excited for the great opportunity bestowed upon him, Moss is a step ahead of his opponent, thanks to the top training Moss receives at Blunt Force.

Reinforcing his assurance of victory at M4W, Moss also acquired assistance from another well-known faction in preparation for the welterweight match-up. His week-long training at The Lab in Phoenix not only gave Moss the opportunity of working with world-class fighters and instructors, but his time there also opened his eyes to the dedication and drive it takes to be a top athlete competing at the highest level.

“Training at The Lab was nothing short of world-class,” Moss explained. “Coach John Crouch made sure that I was getting the attention I needed, and I learned some techniques that will be implemented into my game plan immediately. I also worked with Rick Roufus on kickboxing and learned to string together combos that fit my game. Chris “Gritz” Gruetzemacher really helped me prepare mentally and talked a lot about strategy.

“Overall, the experience of standing across from the veterans they have at The Lab gave me confidence. Everyone down there was so humble and willing to help, that I know it will pay off.”

With his battle at Made for War drawing near, physically and mentally, Justin Moss has all the tools necessary to topple the competition that night. Hoping to make a huge statement, Moss intends to use this occasion as a stepping stone in his push into the pro division. Although the future is uncertain in his mind, working hard will always be a part of the daily routine in his journey. It is this attitude that will pay off well, as Justin Moss is bound to make serious waves in the MMA world in the years to come.

Justin would like to thank Blunt Force MMA and Training, The MMA Lab, Steve Hordinski and the Relson Gracie team, Andrew Wolfe (wrestling), Somatic Synergies, Vince Lobato, PinkTank and Performance MMA. He would also like to thank his family, friends, training partners and the fans.

Top Photo: Justin Ross (L) (Tory Rust Photography)

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