At 0400, the alarm sounds. At one point in Damien Brown’s life, an alarm sounding could have meant something much scarier. For now, though, it is simply when he begins his training for the day.

These days, waking up so early is a little different to when Brown served for the Australian Army, but one thing that carries over from his time in the armed services is discipline and routine, something that goes hand in hand with being a professional fighter.

Brown served in Afghanistan in 2007 and was stationed there for six and a half months. It’s something that most people can appreciate, and for the most part the general public respects what all service men and women do for their respective countries. However, after seven years of serving his country, in early March, Brown made the decision to cut his ties with the Army in order to chase his dreams and to spend more time with his wife and family.

Brown (top) works for a submission (Legend FC)

“I had to make a choice between living the Army lifestyle and being a fighter,” Brown revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I loved my time in the Army and cherish everything that I did; I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I made so many good friends and have some great memories, but now it’s time to focus on fighting.”

Brown is riding a three-fight winning streak and most recently defeated fellow Legend FC fighter Rob Hill by unanimous decision in Sydney at a Brace For War event. Brown makes his return to the Legend FC ring at Legend FC 11, which takes place April 27 at the Chin Woo Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“I have a lot of momentum going into this one, and I will use that momentum to fight the fight that I want to. I am a lot more confident going over there this time,” he said.

Brown is scheduled to face Japanese fighter Yusuke Kasuya, who boasts seven professional wins, with six by way of submission.

“He’s pretty well-rounded,” Brown admitted. “His ground game is more developed, and I think he’s fifty-fifty on his feet. After watching his last fight, though, you can see that he can hang standing. He seems dangerous on his feet at times; he was getting beaten and then hit a liver kick which crumpled his opponent.”

Confidence is a big factor for anyone in the fight game. Brown admittedly hadn’t gone into his previous bouts in Legend FC with the same level of confidence that he displays now, and he looks forward to yet another test on foreign soil.

“I learnt a lot about myself after my last fight,” Brown confessed. “It’s good to be at that stage where I can remember how I was doing in the fight at the time. After your first few fights, the fight itself is usually a blur because of adrenaline. With experience, you can look back and reflect on how things went.

Brown (R) celebrates (Legend FC)

“After the fight with Rob [Hill], I think that I have the edge in stand-up. It’s an interesting match-up. I think I will be able to hold my own on the ground, but the big thing that will decide the outcome of this fight will be my wrestling.”

As many fighters who are not based in North America have come to realize, a strong wrestling base can make or break a fighter and, as the old cliché goes, styles win fights.

“I think I will be able to dictate the fight and will have the edge in wrestling. I have been working hard on my wrestling, and I know that I need to control where this one takes place,” Brown explained. “I will definitely out-wrestle him, and I think when it comes down to it, I will out-strike him too. I am confident that I can take control and take the fight to him.”

Two of his last four fights have taken place on foreign soil, so having to travel to make a living isn’t a new thing for Brown. It also doesn’t have an effect on his pre-fight preparation.

“Everyone loves to fight at home,” Brown explained. “I am excited to be fighting overseas again for Legend. They are great to fight for and they really look after their fighters. I get to fight a top-class opponent. And even though I won’t get to travel, I still get to go to a new city.”

Brown may not be with the Army anymore, but he is still fighting for his country overseas. The ring at Legend FC will become his battleground. And when that bell rings to signal the start of the fight, Brown will take no prisoners.

Damien would like to thank his sponsors: Temper Fightwear, Rocktape Australia, Prodigy Fit, Australian Sports Nutrition and Again Faster Equipment. He would also like to thank his manager Tony Green, all his training partners at Integrated MMA and Crossfit Mitchelton, along with his coaches: Adrian Pang, Dan Higgins and Steve Compton. Follow Brown on Twitter: @Beatdown_Brown

Top Photo: Damien Brown (R) throws a right hand (Legend FC)