When fighters lose in the UFC and gets cut, there’s no guarantee that they will ever return to the eight-sided cage. But sometimes fighters do earn that second chance. Case in point: Jason High.

“The Kansas City Bandit” serves as one example of why promotions often refrain from bringing down the ax after just one loss. High was released by the UFC following a 2010 loss to Charlie Brenneman, but he committed to working his way back to the Octagon. In achieving that objective, he accumulated a seven-fight winning streak. His list of victims wasn’t too shabby either—notable names included Jordan Mein, Hayato “Mach” Sakurai, Rudy Bears and Quinn Mulhern.

“That was the goal all along,” High told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “So I kept working towards it.”

High’s work led him back to the UFC, where he now awaits highly touted welterweight Erick Silva. Silva looks to rebound after losing a unanimous decision to Jon Fitch at UFC 153. After an injury forced him from a UFC 156 bout with Tyron Woodley, Silva signed on to face John Hathaway.

High (Phil Lambert/The MMA Corner)

Ironically enough, High signed on to fight on the card as well. He was prepared to contend with Ildemar Alcantara. However, when a case of ulcerative colitis forced Hathaway from the card, it left an opening for High to move up and face Erick Silva, leaving Alcantara with a new opponent in Leandro Silva.

“They approached me—it was five to six weeks ago,” High said, in regards to how he received the offer to fight Silva.

Needless to say, the bout with Silva excites High for a multitude of reasons. Every time Silva fights, he looks to finish inside the distance, either with his knockout power or his constricting ground game. Against High, a grinder with a knack for some submissions of his own, this could easily bring an excellent ground battle.

“It’s going to be a tough fight, man, but I’m ready,” High said. “I know he’s got a big name and he’s got a lot of hype around him.”

Although he exudes confidence in how he sees this fight playing out, High especially finds excitement in fighting in front of a passionate Brazilian crowd. Given past instances of refereeing calls based on crowd reactions and judges ruling in favor of the hometown fighter, one would stand justified in questioning how High aims to respond to the challenge of fighting in enemy territory.

However, in fights that go the distance, High stands at 6-1 with two split decision wins and four unanimous decision wins against one unanimous decision loss. Additionally, High’s decision wins over Mein and Yuya Shirai, as well as a TKO win over Kevin Burns, came in bouts where High was fighting on his opponent’s turf. While beating Silva in Brazil will prove easier said than done, High will aim to prevail at the expense of the young prospect, capping off a return to the Octagon over three years in the making.

“I’m excited to fight in Brazil. The fans are passionate, and you know, that’s something I really don’t worry about. I’m just going out there and trying to win. I’m not worried about the judges. I have a very game opponent and I’m focusing my energy on that. Be ready. I’m ready, and I’m really excited to fight.”

Of course he’ll be ready. After all, it’s his second chance in the UFC. There’s no way he’ll waste it.

Jason would like to thank everyone at American Top Team and also the coaches and staff at HD MMA. Follow High on Twitter: @KCBanditMMA

Top Photo: Jason High (Rob Tatum/The MMA Corner)

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