Not long ago, it seemed as if Lyle Beerbohm was one of the hottest prospects in the lightweight division. He had defeated UFC veteran Rafaello Oliveira and Duane Ludwig, and had moved onto the big show that was Strikeforce. He had the skills and toughness to get him far, the next step was winning the big one.

After a couple of wins in Strikeforce, Beerbohm stepped up to the plate. In consecutive fights, “Fancy Pants” took on world-ranked lightweights Pat Healy and Shinya Aoki. Unfortunately for the Washington state resident, he came up short in both fights to take his first two career losses.

“The fight with Aoki showed me I was too impatient,” Beerbohm told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “I learned a lot from both of my losses to Aoki and Pat Healy. With the Healy fight, I learned that I didn’t fuel my body correctly. I didn’t eat the right things before the fight, or eat much at all for that matter. Just from that, I feel like I have gained leaps and bounds.”

Beerbohm (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

With those losses behind him and the memory of Strikeforce’s fall behind him, Beerbohm has moved forward with his career. In fact, since his departure from Strikeforce, the Washington native has gone 6-0 leading into his upcoming fight with World Series of Fighting. However, fans have been quick to criticize Beerbohm for his current winning streak, as he has defeated several fighters with questionable records.

“I don’t really care what anybody says, I need money so I fight anyone I can get,” Beerbohm proclaimed. “I want to fight tough guys and I am glad to be fighting for World Series of Fighting, so I should be getting some of the toughest guys.”

Beerbohm is definitely not a stranger to MMA fans, but success in this business is based on name recognition. Luckily, with World Series of Fighting, a national platform has been established, as more fans are able to see the promotion through cable television. This can only benefit guys like Beerbohm, who are definitely known, but not household names yet.

“The deal with NBC Sports has been huge. They have great athletes with the company, so the deal is likely to expose these talents to a wider range of audience,” said the fighter.

Being that most of Beerbohm’s wins in his career have come via submission, one can argue that Beerbohm is a grappler by trade. Yet, he does not see things that way.

“I like both grappling and striking. I’m a mixed martial artist, I can do it all. Wherever the fight goes doesn’t matter to me,” he declared.

Beerbohm will fight UFC veteran Jacob Volkmann at this weekend’s World Series of Fighting event. Volkmann is a collegiate wrestler whose style in the cage is largely based on top-control grappling and submissions. In fact, one of the go-to moves of Volkmann is the D’arce choke from top position. This could lead to an interesting grappling match between the two.

Beerbohm (R) connects with a kick (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

“It’s gonna be a good scrambling match, fans will enjoy this fight,” Beerbohm continued. “Neither of us want to be on bottom, we are both top guys. That should make for a great scrambling match that fans will like.”

Of course, Beerbohm is a student of the game and has observed Volkmann’s fights. Particularly interesting is his take on Volkmann’s latest encounter.

“The fight with Bobby Green was good to scout. He was winning most of the fight and then it seemed like he gassed. I have watched a lot of his fights, and he hasn’t gassed much in the past, but it’s something I will try to exploit when we fight.”

Never one to look toward the future or past an opponent, Beerbohm has big plans for himself. Ambitious as it may be, he has his head in the right place when comes to his future plans.

“I just want to be the champ, the World Series of Fighting champ. I’ll fight whoever I have to in order to win that belt.”

With that, his journey towards the belt starts this weekend. Volkmann will be the biggest test “Fancy Pants” has faced since the end of his Strikeforce days. Time will tell if he has improved since his losses to Aoki and Healy. For now, optimism and readiness are two things Beerbohm needs in his arsenal.

Lyle would like to thank his training partners and sponsors.

Top Photo: Lyle Beerbohm (Esther Lin/Strikeforce)

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    Beerbohm still has the potential to be a top lightweight, definitely a fight I’m looking forward to