The phrase goes “don’t let your mouth write a cheque your butt can’t cash” and for two fighters, they may want to take that advice.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Thiago Silva have traded barbs after Thiago defeated Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante at UFC on Fuel TV 10.

The two Silvas fight in different weight classes, with Bigfoot at heavyweight and Thiago at light heavyweight. Therefore, a fight between the two would be a crazy idea to entertain. Thiago has already stated that if Bigfoot would like to fight him, it would be at the 205-pound level.

However, Bigfoot cuts weight to make the 265-pound heavyweight limit and this alone makes any sane person ask, “Why on Earth would you put yourself through the torture of an even bigger weight cut?”

The disagreement started with Bigfoot stating that he wants to “change” Thiago. Thiago has been busted twice—once for a fake urine sample and another time for a positive test for marijuana metabolites. The two were also teammates at American Top Team. Since Thiago left the camp, that may add even more fuel to the fire as things may have happened behind the scenes that got under Bigfoot’s skin.

It all doesn’t make sense though. Why cut the weight and go out of your way in a different weight class that would do nothing to help advance your career? There would be some nice heat headed up to the fight, given that the two would most likely exchange even more verbal assaults, but again, it would all be irrelevant. At age 33, Bigfoot is out of the heavyweight title picture, but he can’t make light heavyweight his home without the drastic weight cut wreaking havoc on his health.

Even if the fight became a reality, the weight cut would certainly be a detriment to Bigfoot, and Thiago would most likely win at the light heavyweight level. If the two met in a catchweight or a heavyweight showdown, the scales tip in favor of Bigfoot. But neither fighter has anything to gain from beating the other. Bigfoot’s best chances at career advancement still lie at heavyweight, where he can look to rebound from his title loss and build towards becoming a contender once again. And Thiago is still mending his own reputation with fans and his employer after his drug-test miscues, and fighting relevant 205-ers is the path he should choose if he wants to climb back into the title picture.

Instead of worrying about each other, the two need to focus on their own respective divisions. In their last five fights, the two are a combined 3-5 with two no-contests, and only Bigfoot has earned a title shot, only to be eviscerated by Cain Velasquez, again.

It is dumbfounding that either fighter would even consider a fight with the other. A detour for Bigfoot is utterly useless, and a fight with Bigfoot is a huge risk that Thiago shouldn’t take considering his skid as of late. Fans might care because of the bad blood between the two, but the fight is totally irrelevant for their careers. There’s also a chance that fans might be turned off and see it as a ploy by the UFC to put together more grudge matches in the name of profit rather than the advancement of a division’s title picture.

To each their own, I guess. If you want to take that risk with your career just to prove a point to a fighter in a different class, go ahead. But if you lose, don’t be shocked if you hit a metaphorical wall with your career, because this fight is just a plain stupid detour from what your real goal should be: winning the championship.

Photo: Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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