Last week’s episode of Fight Master provided the first two fights in the house. First, Cole Williams of Team Couture defeated Mike DuBois from Team Shamrock to earn his spot in the “elite eight.” Then, Team Shamrock redeemed themselves when Chris Lozano won a nail biter of a decision against Bryan Travers of Team Jackson. Those two will be joined by the next six men to win their respective fights in this round.

The first fight of the episode pits Jason Norwood of Team Warren against experienced big-show vet Mike Bronzoulis. Norwood was the man who picked the fight, noting he picked a brawler that he think he matches up advantageously in terms of style. One cast member noted Bronzoulis is the type of guy that needs to hate his opponent in order to fight him, shown by Mike saying, “I think I don’t like him,” in the house.

Jason Norwood vs. Mike Bronzoulis

The first round kicked off with Norwood immediately looking for the shot. The two clinched against the cage for an extensive amount of time. After a while, Norwood eventually got the takedown. He took Bronzoulis’ back, but the Team Couture rep got back to his feet. From there, they still clinched against the cage. Norwood continued to look for a takedown, with Bronzoulis defending well. Every time Norwood would get him somewhat down, his adversary popped back up. In a slow-paced round, Norwood likely took it 10-9.

The second round saw a repeat to start. Norwood pressed Bronzoulis against the fence. Against, every time he brought him down, Bronzoulis got back to his feet. Finally, the Team Couture member got some strikes off, but Norwood continued to press him against the cage. After some inactivity, Bronzoulis was able to land  strikes on the outside before Norwood again put him against the fence. The last minute saw Bronzoulis tag a visibly exhausted Norwood and rock him on multiple occasions. Norwood ended the round with Bronzoulis on top raining down punches. The fight was ruled a draw and headed to a third round.

Immediately in the third round, Bronzoulis was the aggressor and looking to knock Norwood’s head off. He did just that in quick fashion, smashing Norwood and getting in a couple follow-up shots to win via knockout.

Mike Bronzoulis def. Jason Norwood by knockout (punches). Round 3

The next bout was between Joe Williams of Team Shamrock and Ismael Gonzalez of Team Warren. Like the first fight, the fight matched a wrestler (Williams) vs. a striker (Gonzalez). Williams felt he needed to redeem himself, as he earned his spot because another fighter who won got injured. Of course, he lost to Cole Williams to get into the house, but Shamrock picked him up when a spot was available on his team.

Joe Williams vs. Ismael Gonzalez

The first round started with an immediate takedown by Williams. He held Gonzalez down from half guard and landed good ground-and-pound. He moved to side control and landed some knees to the body. The entirety of the round consisted of pretty much the same thing, as Williams dominated  a 10-9 round.

The second round saw Williams stalk Gonzalez until he planted him. Williams got mount pretty quickly. Williams looked for an arm-triangle choke from the mount. After a couple of failed attempts, the Team Shamrock rep got the tapout, handing Team Warren their second loss in two fights this round.

Joe Williams def. Ismael Gonzalez by submission (arm-triangle choke). Round 2

With that, Team Couture improved to 2-0 with Bronzoulis and Cole Williams advancing. Team Shamrock currently finds itself 2-1, with Mike DuBois out of the tournament, but Chris Lozano and Joe Williams in. Team Jackson is just 0-1, as Bryan Travers was eliminated. Finally, Joe Warren is deep in the hole at 0-2, with Jason Norwood and Ismael Gonzalez both out of the competition.

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