BRACE, one of Australia’s leading mixed martial arts series, plans to make its events even more accessible to fight fans all over Australia and around the globe. Through a partnership with BRACE will have its marquee fight nights streamed live to the world.

“We had fans tune in from every continent of the globe when we live streamed the all-girl’s BRACE show for free,” BRACE CEO Kya Pate explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “We are happy to further provide to the world, Australia’s best fighters.”

The live stream is planned for BRACE’s medium-large capacity events and will allow fans from across the world to be able to watch live. The live streams will be geo-blocked in local regions as to not affect event attendance, and the streaming with Epicentre is a long-awaited step in the right direction that other promotions throughout Australia have utilized. It’s something that BRACE plans to embrace, ensuring that there is more Australian MMA available for the world to see.

“Some of our best fights happen in destination cities like Townsville and Canberra,” Pate said. “We want to make sure that our fans don’t miss a beat and have the opportunity to view some of the most exciting fights in the country.

“We put on a good mixture of stadium shows and intimate shows so that no matter where you are in the country there will be MMA available to you, whether it’s at the shows in the seats in person or live streamed from the comfort of your own home.”

Having recently partnered with global MMA powerhouse ONE FC through the ONE FC network, fighters who competed on BRACE shows were already one step closer to the world stage and the decision to now have events streamed all over the world will see them with even more opportunity.

“Being a part of the ONE FC network means that more people around the world are getting to know what the BRACE brand is all about,” Pate claimed. “Giving our fighters the chance to fight in front of a worldwide audience through live streaming is something that we feel is important to the continual development of the sport on Australian shores.”

Having already put on events in four different states and seven different cities and giving more coverage across Australia than any other mixed martial arts company, there are more shows then ever scheduled to take place over the next twelve months. BRACE’s live stream plans are just the beginning of what the promotion has in store for the Australian MMA landscape.

“Things are going to be changed up in a big way,” Pate exclaimed. “We are always moving forward with our plans and with the rest of 2013 already mapped out, I have no doubt that 2014 is going to be biggest year that we have had to date.”


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