It doesn’t happen too often, but every now and again, mixed martial arts can become mixed marital arts. There are parts of marriage that translate perfectly to the basic fundamentals of training in martial arts. You need trust, you need commitment and you need someone by your side that is willing and able to support you. Kate Da Silva is lucky to be able to have all of that and more as she combines married life with her martial arts training.

“I met my husband through training,” Da Silva explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I was a bit overweight and a smoker and a drinker, and training just turned my whole life around. Before I met him, I didn’t have any goals or any ambitions or anything. I know that he has changed my life and there are many others that have had their lives changed by him too.”

From day one, Da Silva has trained with her husband. Whilst it could be seen as a potentially bad thing that she is trained by the person she has chosen to spend her life with, she embraces it and can confidently say that she knows that no matter what, her coach wants what is the best for her career.

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“I do all my training under my husband, Roney Da Silva, and it can be hard sometimes [laughs]. I think that sometimes he’s a little harder on me than the others,” she admitted. “It’s good though, because he puts everything into me and developing me as a fighter, and I think having him there pushes me to do better as well.”

Having not competed professionally since September 2010, Da Silva’s next planned bout is on Aug. 31 at Storm Damage, where she will compete in the one-night women’s eliminator gauntlet for the promotion’s featherweight title.

“I actually had a fight lined up with Fiona Muxlow, but I got injured,” she said. “After that, I just couldn’t get any fights and then I fell pregnant with my third son, so there was a bit of a layoff there. I’ve always wanted to get the chance to win a title and have wanted to get over to Australia to fight, so this was a great chance.”

There will often come a time in competitive sports where an athlete no longer finds a challenge within the competition around them. In combat sports, this can also mean that there are literally no challenges left for them to face, or in Da Silva’s case, no opponents. Having nobody to compete against can be a frustrating scenario.

“I started off with jiu-jitsu and competing in that, and it was the same kind of thing that’s happening now actually. There were just not enough challenges, so I progressed into MMA,” Da Silva revealed. “There are just no fights for me over here, and I’ve had to venture out to Australia just to get a fight. Although my natural weight is bantamweight, I really wanted this opportunity to fight for Storm Damage. I want to eventually fight in America.

“The ultimate goal for me is to get to the UFC one day.”

Although the traveling time from New Zealand to Australia isn’t that long, it’s still a fight on foreign soil for Da Silva.

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“I have a big support network over here, so it’s good for me,” she said. “In my first week with my new job, I let them know straight away that I would be traveling over [to Australia] to take a fight, and they were really supportive.”

Having a strong background in jiu-jitsu and being a brown belt, Da Silva has a firm idea of how she wants her time inside the cage to unfold on Aug. 31, and there is no doubt that her advantage inside the Storm Damage cage is going to keep any of her potential opponents wary of letting the action go to the ground.

“I aim to take it to the ground pretty much right away,” she admitted. “That’s where I am most confident, and I know that it’s important to win the first fight quickly with the potential of fighting two more times. I know I’ll have to conserve my energy. My plan is to walk out with that belt and continue to fight wherever I can.”

Da Silva and her husband walked down the aisle after meeting through her training that has progressed to seeing her compete in mixed martial arts. On Aug 31. in Canberra, Australia, the two will be walking down a completely different aisle as Da Silva makes her return to competition.

The last time the two took that walk, she left with a ring and a partner in life. This time around, her plans are to walk away with some gold of a different kind and to be one step closer to her dream of competing on a more regular basis in the sport that changed her life.

Kate would like to thank NZMMA, Nutrition Systems, Musclepharm, Hybrid Fighter, RM Builders, Gracie Gym and Brothers At Arms – Kawerau NZ.  She would also like to extend a huge thanks to her husband, Roney Da Silva. She would also like to thank Storm Oshyer for allowing her to fight on the Storm Damage card. Follow Da Silva on Facebook.

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