GF Team’s Vitor Oliveira has had an all-around solid year. So far in 2013, Oliveira has managed to medal at both the Pans and Worlds (taking bronze in both) and beat eventual lightweight World champion Leandro “Lo” Nascimento in the process. Aside from his medals at the major tournaments, Oliveira has proved to be an extremely consistent competitor in all of the IBJJF Opens he enters. He is almost always a shoe-in to win his weight category—either middleweight or medium-heavyweight—and is almost always the favorite competing in the absolute category.

This summer, Oliveira has competed at all the IBJJF Opens on the East Coast and was undefeated until he fell short in an instant classic against former ADCC finalist Flavio Almeida in the championship’s absolute finale. This left the black belt ace bitterly disappointed and looking to bounce back strong.

This weekend in Boston, Oliveira had the chance to redeem himself and he did so with flying colors. Oliveira cruised to a double-gold day, winning both his weight class and the absolute division while going through Leonardo Iturralde, Oliver Geddes and Jarod Lawton. His day was made a little easier since there was no absolute final due to his opponent suffering an injury, but nonetheless it was another solid day in the office for the ultra-competitive Oliveira.

Besides Oliveira, there were some intriguing matches and finishes in Boston, one of them being the finish in the lightweight final between Renan Borges and Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde. “Sinistro” was coming into the weekend with great momentum behind him after his first win as a black belt in Chicago. But in jiu-jitsu, momentum can go as quickly as it comes.

Check out the incredible finish below:

At middleweight, two consistent competitors went at it when Daniel Tavares and Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa squared off in the final. Both went in having won their first match—Tavares defeated Christopher Reymann and Barbosa defeated Renzo Gracie instructor Luciano Cristovam. Their final was one of the more entertaining matches of the event; check it out below:

At brown belt, Roberto Torralbas of Team Lloyd Irvin was the standout. He won the heavyweight and absolute categories. The consistent competitor displayed a solid stand-up and guard passing game, putting constant pressure on his opponents.

From here, the IBJJF will close out the month in Atlanta for its second annual Atlanta Open championship. Then, to start September, the American Nationals will take place in Carson, Calif. on Sept. 7-8. The event will be feature both gi and no-gi competition.

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Photo: Vitor Oliveira (Erin Herle/Gracie Mag)

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