“Smilin’” Sam Alvey has heard a lot of loud pops throughout his career. The best part is that he’s mostly been dishing out the noise. In 26 professional fights, the Wisconsin native has won 12 fights by knockout and has only been stopped once, by submission. In 10 decisions over five years, he may have dropped a few on the scorecards, but has yet to sustain a ton of damage. He has proven time and time again that he can take a shot.

About four months ago, Alvey and his new wife, McKey, winner of the 11th cycle of America’s Top Model, welcomed their first child, Reagan, into the world. Alvey felt he had heard every loud pop possible, but there was one noise for which Alvey was not prepared. It came from his infant daughter.

“It’s kind of weird, but the one thing nobody ever warned me about is how loud [babies] poop,” said Alvey in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I knew they do it all the time, but it’s loud. You can hear it across the house when she goes. Honestly, it caught me more off-guard than anything else.

Alvey (Jacob Bos/Sherdog)

“I’ve always been around kids, and I work at the daycare at Team Quest, but I guess I’ve never actually heard them poop. It is loud.”

It may be loud, but not nearly as loud as the crowd that erupted last May, when Alvey delivered a beautiful third-round TKO of Jay Silva at Maximum Fighting Championship 37. Even though it was a hard-fought battle against a replacement opponent, Alvey made the proper adjustments.

“I was supposed to fight Chase Degenhardt, but it changed, so we made the adaptations in the gym,” said Alvey. “I don’t want to say it went according to plan, but I got the knockout, so it kind of went according to plan.”

The win over Silva earned Alvey a shot at the vacant MFC middleweight title, and he couldn’t be happier. In his last six fights, he’s 4-2, with all four wins coming by TKO. He will look to keep that streak alive in the main event of MFC 38 on Friday night, live from Shaw Convention Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Fighting Alvey for the strap will be The Pit Elevated’s Jason South, who is an undefeated 10-0 as a pro. South has been fighting for as long as Alvey, but is eight years the elder and has 16 fewer fights.

“I found out about eight weeks ago, and it’s a fantastic opponent choice,” expressed Alvey. “He’s very tough, and he’s definitely the strongest jiu-jitsu guy I’ve ever fought, or at least fought in recent history.”

South is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has competed in several BJJ tournaments. As an MMA fighter, nine of his 10 wins have come by submission, but all of his fights have been in Utah, including three bouts for Showdown Fights, a promotion associated with The Pit Elevated.

South’s last opponent was hard-hitting Phil Dace. South continuously lured his opponent in until he finally got the right takedown, position and finish. With Alvey’s level of training experience and his superior takedown defense, he should fare much better against South’s BJJ attack.

“I think we match up very well,” Alvey admitted. “I choose not to do a lot of submissions, and he chooses to do them, so I’ve got to avoid that. I’ve got to avoid being submitted, but I would love to get a submission over someone as highly decorated a jiu-jitsu artist as he is.”

Alvey is typically considered to be a striker, but the guys at Dan Henderson’s Team Quest in Murrieta, Calif., are some pretty great ground fighters, so Alvey’s ground game is not to be dismissed.

A seasoned vet, even at just 27 years old, Alvey knows what to expect from the get-go, and he’s cool as a cucumber.

Alvey (L) connects with a punch (Jacob Bos/Sherdog)

“Both of us are some of the taller [185-pound] fighters that you’ll find,” explained Alvey. “And we’re probably going to have to find each other’s range and see who wants to take the first shot. We’ll probably do a little sizing up, trying to find the range, trying to figure out how good the other guy’s sprawl is. Then, we’ll go from there.”

Alvey’s no stranger to tough competition, which is why he’s so relaxed going into this fight.

Last year, during this time, he was a contestant on season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter. It was a tough push for him. He made the attempt to drop down to welterweight, which proved a little too much on his body, especially after having once fought at 205 pounds. Since last fall, Alvey dropped one decision for his last shot at the MFC middleweight strap, but came back with the win over Silva. The title belt remains at the forefront of his plans.

“My plan is to become the greatest MFC champion the MFC has ever had,” Alvey stated. “I want people to remember me holding the title.

“People need to watch this fight, because something cool is going to happen. Both of us have huge finishing streaks, and it’s going to be one of those fights that could end at any moment, in any way.”

Alvey’s ready to make the fireworks fly on Friday night. With the guys at Team Quest behind him, one can be sure that he will be more than prepared. However, there’s one addition to this camp that may push him over the top.

“The biggest change is that Chael Sonnen has been out here the last couple weeks, and he’s going to finish his fight camp here for his fight with Rashad [Evans],” explained Alvey. “So, I’ve gotten to work a lot with him over the last two weeks.”

Although Sonnen may not be known for his submission defense, something at which Alvey will need to be extremely proficient against South, Sonnen does provide some great wrestling experience, as well as a fairly dominant ground-and-pound attack. This could prove useful, should South attempt to get Alvey in his guard. Either way, Alvey will be coming to brawl, and he will have his smallest fan yet right in his corner, his daughter, Reagan.

“She’s just about four months. She’s healthy, she’s huge, and she’s going to be up there, watching me win my first world title,” said Alvey.

With a new family, another shot at the title and a great team in his corner, the world should be prepared to hear another loud pop from Alvey at MFC 38 that is sure to drown out the sound of his newborn pooping. Although, the proud papa will sure be happy to hear that noise once again when he goes home with the strap around his waist.

“Life is just fantastic outside of the gym. My new wife and my new baby just make life worth living. It’s a constant joy coming home and seeing both of their smiling faces.”

Alvey would like to thank his coaches Ricardo Feliciano, Daniel Woirin and Bryan Harper; his main sponsor, Dynamic Fitness; as well as his wife and first-born child. Sam loves to talk to fans on Twitter, so be sure to follow him: @SmilenSam

Top Photo: Sam Alvey (top) punishes his opponent (Jacob Bos/Sherdog)

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