Some people have a hard time controlling their impulses. Sometimes that can be a detriment to them. To a degree, life as a professional fighter is structured, and it’s not that often that there is any room left to be impulsive. There’s no place that rule applies more than inside the cage.

Before undertaking life as a full-time professional fighter, Mitch Chilson followed his impulses. Doing so brought him to the best experience of his life.

“I am a pretty impulsive guy, and I love jumping into new [things] and I love excitement. I didn’t really wanna be known as just a guy who worked a nine-to-five and a guy who had a family,” he revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “A friend told me that I need to check out Singapore, and that it was ‘the Hawaii of the East.’ I went over and found Evolve MMA, and I loved it. I have been over here for eight years, and I was the very first student at Evolve. It’s absolutely incredible how much the school and MMA overall has developed and progressed over here over that time.

“Singapore is definitely the hub of Asian MMA now. When I got here, there was pretty much nothing, and it’s been great to see it all develop over the years. [Singapore] is my adopted hometown, and it is always an amazing experience to fight here.”

Besides his life as a professional fighter, Chilson has another passion, which is teaching and coaching young kids. He conducts kid’s classes at Evolve MMA, and the development of the youngsters as they progress in their education in martial arts is certainly something that motivates him to continue his career as a professional fighter.

“It’s really inspirational when you get feedback from parents about how much it has affected their kids’ lives,” he said. “A lot of these kids come in shy and insecure, and being able to help them with self-confidence and to teach them all these skills, it’s really motivational and it’s definitely a passion of mine. Seeing them develop and learn is just an amazing experience, and to be a part of that is even better.”

It’s been a little over a year since Chilson last saw action inside the cage. But that will change on Oct. 18. In Kallang, Singapore, he steps into action again for ONE FC in a rematch against Shannon Wiratchai. The last time the pair met, the bout ended in a no-contest due to illegal strikes. All four of Chilson’s wins have come by way of stoppage, and that’s something he hopes to replicate for his adopted hometown fans.

“As a fighter, you definitely want to get in and out of there as fast as possible. I have used the time off to correct a few things from the last fight, and I am confident going in,” Chilson revealed. “I know that I am healthy and that in my time recouping I have improved a lot. I’ll go in there and correct the mistakes I made, and I am looking forward to bringing the fight to him and getting the win.”

For Chilson, it’s lucky that he took the chance on relocating to Singapore all those years ago. If his impulses hadn’t gotten the better of him, he may have just been “another guy working a nine-to-five.” Instead, there is nothing commonplace about his day job. Each time he wakes up in the morning, he knows that he made the best decision of his life.

Mitch would like to thank Evolve MMA. Follow Chilson on Twitter: @mitchchilson

Photo: Mitch Chilson (Martin Hooson/Sherdog)

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