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There’s much to cover this week in the world of MMA, and this episode of the White Belt MMA Podcast takes care of a lot of it. First, we’ll recap UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields and preview a few of the fights from UFC 166. Then, we’ll discuss a recent episode of PBS’s Frontline and how it relates to MMA. Finally, and as usual, we’ll delve into a few years of Dale De Souza’s excellent An Ultimate History series.

Where does Jake Shields’s victory last week place him among his welterweight counterparts? How about Demian Maia after his loss? And who should the victorious Dong Hyun Kim face after his surprising knockout of Erick Silva? Why was Rousimar Palhares expelled from the UFC?

Does Diego Sanchez have any chance of defeating Gilbert Melendez on Saturday? How does Daniel Cormier’s announced move to light heavyweight affect his bout with Roy Nelson? Who will emerge victorious in the Velasquez-Dos Santos rubber match, and where does this rivalry rank among its contemporaries?

What should the UFC (and NFL) do to counteract the negative mental and physical effects suffered by their athletes? How does the UFC’s position as a “renegade sport” help its position on the matter?

Was the Pennington-Duke fight from last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter the best fight in series history? How will the performance of the season’s female fighters impact women’s MMA in the years to come?

Which four fighters comprise the UFC’s Mount Rushmore for the early part of the millennium?

Hear the answers to all of these questions, and many more, on this episode of the White Belt MMA Podcast.

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