On Dec. 28, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will rematch Chris Weidman, the man who took his belt at UFC 162 in July. The fight marks one of the most highly-anticipated fights in recent memory.

Recently, The MMA Corner’s Aline Baktchejian Djehdian spoke with Brazilian filmmaker Camila Rizzo, sister of former UFC fighter Pedro Rizzo, who has produced a behind the scenes video of Silva’s training regimen for the upcoming fight.

Below are versions in both English and Portuguese, as well as the aforementioned video (courtesy of Camila Rizzo).


Rizzo talked about the production of the video:

“I always liked to do behind the scenes videos to show this unknown side of the sport. The audience sees the fight, but they don’t always see the hard work of not only fighter, but a whole team. And the moments of relaxation show the synchronization of the entire team. If I could assign a phrase to this video would be: ‘Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life.’ -Confucius

“That was the feeling I had watching Anderson train. He trains listening to music, dancing, focused, having fun,” said Rizzo.


Rizzo falou com a nossa equipe sobre a produção do vídeo:

“Eu sempre gostei de fazer vídeos sobre os bastidores para mostrar esse lado desconhecido. O público vê a luta, vê o resultado de um trabalho duro não só do lutador, mas de toda uma equipe. E os momentos de descontração mostram bem a sintonia de toda equipe. Se eu pudesse atribuir uma frase a esse vídeo seria: ‘Escolha um trabalho que você ame e não terás que trabalhar um único dia em sua vida.’ -Confúcio

“Foi essa sensação que eu tive vendo o Anderson treinar. Ele treina ouvindo música, dança, se concentra, se diverte,” disse Rizzo.

Photo: Anderson Silva (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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