Recently, The MMA Corner’s Aline Baktchejian Djehdian spoke with UFC welterweight Paulo Thiago.

The pair discussed the fighter’s recent move to X-Gym and his upcoming bout with Brandon Thatch at UFC Fight Night 32 on Nov. 9.

Below are versions in both English and Portuguese.


Talk about your preparation for the fight against Brandon Thatch.

I’m preparing at the X-Gym, and I feel very good and confident. I have had all the support of my coaches, such as Rogério Camões, Josuel Destak, Andre Jaoude and Sylvio Behring. I also have good training partners, such as Erick Silva and Ronaldo “Jacare.” Surely, this will bring victory!

What benefits do you find in your new gym?

Brasilia, where I trained in a gym, was very good, but most of the staff were lightweights and it made ​​no difference in strength and weight. My X-Gym training partners are stronger and heavier, and I have a wrestling coach, Andre Jaoude.


Fale sobre sua preparação para a luta contra o Brandon Thatch

Estou me preparando na X-Gym e me sinto muito bem e confiante. Tenho tido todo o suporte dos meus treinadores, como o Rogério Camões, Josuel Destak, Andre Jaoude e Sylvio Behring. Tenho também bons parceiros de treino, como o Ronaldo Jacaré e Erick Silva. Certamente trarei esta vitória!

O que vem achando da nova equipe?

Lá em Brasilia eu treinava em uma academia muito boa, mas a maioria da equipe era do peso leve e isso fazia diferença de força e peso. NaX-Gym tenho parceiros de treino mais fortes e mais pesados, além de contar com o treinador de wrestling, Andre Jaoude.

Photo: Paulo Thiago (Marcio Valle/Primeiro Round)

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