He just sat through watching a good friend go through the most grueling experience of their life. There are question marks over the friend’s health and future. He looks at that friend as they address the world, and he can see that something just isn’t quite right. So many thoughts swirl through his mind, and then the aftermath begins.

Some things you just can’t expect. The UFC welterweight title defense by Georges St-Pierre against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 fits into that category. The events that took place after UFC 167 certainly gave Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr some things to think about.

“There’s being a gentleman and then there’s acting like a dickhead,” Parr exclaimed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I think that it was disgusting the way that [UFC President] Dana White acted after the fight. Yeah, I get that there is so much money to be made in a rematch and all of that, but the way that he treated Georges was just disrespectful.

“It’s not like [St-Pierre] is a Diaz or something. He always shows up for all media days, he always dresses respectable and he literally does anything at the drop of a hat for the UFC, so I think that he is owed some time off to work everything out. I like Dana and everything, but I just think he could have handled it better.”

Fans, the media, co-workers and even St-Pierre’s boss made St-Pierre think that he was committing some kind of cardinal sin for wanting to take a break from mixed martial arts. Parr, like any good friend, wanted to ensure that everything was okay.

“I was pretty concerned, and I texted him offering for him to come and stay at my place in Australia if he just wanted to get away from everything for a bit,” Parr revealed. “He was thankful for it and everything, but he just said he has some personal stuff that he needs to sort out. It’s just non-stop for him, and I know. I have been there. He can’t go anywhere without being noticed. Any time that he walks down the street, people wanna talk to him, and after a while I am sure that it just drains you.”

St-Pierre’s world-class approach to training means that he takes the best coaches in each discipline and works them into his fight camp. Having been one of those coaches, Parr got to see firsthand what it’s like.

“It’s hard for him, because even in his training he just has so many contrasting opinions telling him what to do,” Parr said. “If I were him, I would just stick to having a couple of coaches for his camp and work from there. It’s just too much with him constantly being told different things. I get that he just wants the best people around him, and even when I was helping him out, the way that I positioned him with stance and everything was completely different.

“If I had of been able to stay with him the whole camp, I think that he would have fought completely different. I’m not saying I am better than his other coaches or anything, but I just think that I would have told him to fight a different fight. In Muay Thai, we say that you don’t punch with a puncher, you know, and there he was trying to go punch for punch with a guy that hits really fucking hard. If it were me telling him how to prepare, I would have focused more on the body kicks and wearing down that hand.”

On the fight itself, it comes down to the first round and how it was scored. It’s no secret that GSP was in trouble throughout the fight, and, by the later stages of the fifth round, many had assumed that we were going to see a new champion crowned. Parr wasn’t one of those people.

“I think that Georges won the first, third and fifth,” Parr said. “I think that Johny did a great job of just manhandling Georges in there a few times, and it kind of just looked like he was doing it to show that he was the stronger fighter. It was such a close fight, but I still give it to GSP from that first round, and I think that he showed that it was his fight in the last round.”

Now that the hangover of UFC 167 has long gone, it seems as though more and more questions begin to arise from people who look at the situation and try to make sense of it. When you take a look at what St-Pierre has done for the sport of mixed martial arts along with the UFC, you need not ask questions about what is happening with his personal life, but perhaps look at the situation in a different light.

If it were your friend that was going through life-changing circumstances, would you still be pushing for answers? Or would you be like John Wayne Parr, lending your hand in their time of need?

Photo: Georges St-Pierre (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

  • David

    I agree with JWP on what he had to say about the fight it was much closer then some think I actually think the 5th rd was the key because you have air on side of caution to secure the win GSP was thmore stepping forward had two take downs and few nice shots Johnny didn’t do anything that round and his corner made the mistake by telling him he was winning.

  • Joey

    Im a GSP fan, but Hendricks won that fight.
    The main issue is the scoring system. Round by round, it is closer than what most people say – but as an overall fight, Hendricks deserved the W. Round by round, 3-2 Hendricks.

    Even FightMetric, which often contradicts controversial decisions, scored it for Hendricks.

    JWP does talk alot of sense though. Im sure Dana would have reacted a little differently if he spoke to GSP prior to unleashing on him.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      How long have you been a UFC Judge Joey?

      • big jason stud

        its just his opinion bilbo you dildo,,im a huge jwp fan but joey ‘s opinion,, while more intelligent than yours,,was also more eloquent and made sense,, in that close a match ,,could have gone either way and only opinion differs,,all agree both awesome fighters in a top class match.

  • Tim

    Great interview well written and JWP is a true friend to GSP hopefully GSP will have a long break from it all and give them self some time to think and rest.

  • Billy

    First off let me say I am a huge GSP as well as a huge Johny Hendricks fan. I personally would have given the fight to Hendricks but i was not one of judges scoring it so we will leave it at that.
    What i will say is that I agree with JWP that GSP has some well deserved down time coming to him and he definitely has some far reaching personal issues he wants to sort out
    as his right. I think GSP is probably one of the key factors that has brought MMA to its current level of popularity. He is a great champion and a class act.

  • Elfucko

    I first and foremost am a huge JWP fan, but I have to say I kind of agree with Dana. GSP has made a while lot out of UFC and I don’t believe that he puts in what he takes out of it. He always seems to have very long layoffs between fights and that isn’t fair to the likes of Johny Hendricks who clearly won that fight.

    Secondly, I really hope UFC does not go the way of boxing with decisions being made days before a bout by the likes of the Russian Mafia etc. who are simply using fights to launder cash through betting agencies. Gambling in sport never ever benefits the sport itself.

  • Since when does gsp stay backed up along the fence? Since when is his superior wrestling never kept any one down?since when in all his fights is he running back wards and slipping? Till he met Johnny boy that’s when. Wobble shakey legs cut up face double black eyes and bleeding! He got mauled. The second fight will be even nastyer! Taking time off right afterward not even talking rematch says it all he knows he got beat. If peole want to talk on points what about all those knees he took to his leg? The fact is the man has been stopped in his tracks period. Nick Diaz told Johnny there gonna work you! And they robbed him.