There is no denying the close friendship that exists in the bond between two brothers. The world of mixed martial arts contains a fleet of famous brothers that have made their mark in the sport, each with their own standout personality and stream of success. Their separate journeys are still connected, which inspires the other to reach a higher level of greatness in their own fight careers.

It’s a catalyst, a competitive nature for success. Its effect has caused an allure in the Southern California MMA fight scene courtesy of the Mostowa brothers, Pete and Andrew. A dynamic sibling duo fighting out of the Sityodtong LA academy, their individual rise in the amateur circuit is credited to the tough exterior training approach in preparation for the mental and physical challenges that come with participating in the fight territory.

Pete and Andrew’s grounded relationship has always centered on the forged obligation of aiding each other, as both rival and brother’s keeper. Breezing through the wrestling, football and basketball pastimes, the Mostowa brothers soon sought out new outlets to feed their competitive nature. Thus came their introduction to mixed martial arts.

Andrew Mostowa

Andrew Mostowa (Primo Catalano/

An endless supply of takedowns, submissions and striking techniques are now at Pete’s and Andrew’s disposal in their development as MMA fighters. However, even with this tight bond, their development would have never been possible without the assistance of their coaches and teammates guiding them along the pathway.

“We train at Sityodtong LA, which is owned and coached by world champion Muay Thai legend Walter Michalowski, and [it is] known for being a tough, authentic Muay Thai gym,” Pete told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “Our BJJ coach at Sityodtong is Fernando Castillo, who is a black belt under Wander Braga. All of our teammates and coaches at Sityodtong really push us to become better fighters, and we enjoy the family atmosphere that we have here.”

Placed in a class by themselves, the Mostowas aren’t your typical MMA brother duo. From a physical analysis, Andrew’s tall stature and Pete’s small stature hold assets that best suit their fight games. In addition, training at Sityodtong LA does have its share of many humorous and tough yet motivational tactics that they both use against each other during the rigorous training sessions.

“It seems to be a common thing of MMA brothers to push each other to get better, and we tend to feel responsible for doing anything we can to help each other out,” Pete said. “In the gym during sparring sessions, we sometimes talk trash to each other too. We know how to get each other riled up. We know when to be serious and train hard, but there are also times where we let loose a little too and keep training fun.”

“For instance, one time a few years ago, we were rolling against each other and I had Pete in a loop choke,” Andrew added. “It was pretty tight and Pete had to think fast, so he stared straight into my eyes, with his own eyes wide open, with a stern look on his face. He kept doing it and eventually I started laughing and lost the choke.”

Although forever connected, each Mostowa has their own distinct personality, achieved accolades and personal account of their time in MMA.

The journey of being a mixed martial artist comes with a complete package of lessons in all shapes and sizes. It is a continual life-learning pursuit that Andrew takes great pride in. Problem-solving seems to be a daily agenda for this combatant. The high school math teacher is always searching for an answer to the dilemma with which he is confronted. Standing 6-foot-3, tall, skinny and characterized as the outgoing Mostowa sibling, Andrew has a level of excitement and energy in the cage and has racked up grappling medals and the prestigious middleweight CAMO titles. This Mostowa credits perseverance for overcoming challenges as a main contributor that has taken him through the aches and pains to uncover the fulfilling benefits MMA has to offer.

Peter Mostowa

Peter Mostowa (Primo Catalano/

“My journey in this sport has been a wild one. I have trained with a bunch of different guys, and I have learned a ton of different techniques,” Andrew said. “I have been injured more times than I would like, but with every injury comes a lesson. Going to training every day and just grinding through it has made me a better person. It has given me a different kind of work ethic and forces me to persevere through some of toughest situations I’ve ever had to deal with.”

Whether it’s focusing on an upcoming fight or strategically refining his skills to become a well-rounded MMA fighter, Pete has no shortage of motives in chasing his goals. Small statured at 5-foot-8 and known as the more reserved persona of the pair, Pete took a road into the fight game that was tough and rigorous. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t have preferred it any other way. A well-respected amateur fighter with countless grappling titles to his credit, this Mostowa brother’s desire for growth gives him an unparallelled drive which is on display in his endless worth ethic at the gym.

Whether it’s getting his hand raised in battle, capturing a gold medal or learning something new, there is always a great reward after a job well done putting work into your craft.

“There are so many different facets to learn, and I enjoy the challenge of improving a weakness and making it into a strength,” Pete said. “I really try to jump into all the competitions I can. That is always the fun part, after the hard work has been put in and you go to collect your reward!”

Two parallel drives heading to the same destination, so why not have a close companion along for the ride? Success through hard work has bred the perfect results for the Mostowa brothers as they rapidly progress as fighters. Through thick and thin, their full understanding of each other’s strengths and vices continues to be a guide for the push in obtaining their goals. Undoubtedly, the venture will always have its share of hurdles. However, Pete and Andrew will always punch through the opposition, all while make it a fulfilling and enjoyable trip to look back on.

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