Any business owner must adhere to a work-life balance. It’s hard enough in the current world economy for some people to hold down a job, let alone run their own business.

Work and life are one in the same for Anthony Perosh. When Perosh is not working at Sinosic-Perosh Martial Arts, which he co-owns with UFC veteran Elvis Sinosic, he is competing as a professional fighter. All of his time is spent around the sport of mixed martial arts. Business owners often have to make difficult decisions. Perosh faced one such decision when he opted to finish off his training camp instead of traveling to watch a student fight for a title.

“I love my school and my students, but I’m a fighter first, and fighters are selfish,” Perosh admitted in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I know that the school is in good hands while I’m away, and, sure, I feel bad that I can’t go watch my students fight all the time. But I expect the same thing from my students. I don’t expect them to drop everything and go up to Brisbane to see me fight, and if they have things on, then that’s fine. I love the support, but understand that sometimes other things get in the way.”

In preparation for his UFC Fight Night 33 bout, Perosh took two weeks away to train with Phuket Top Team in Thailand. Some of the region’s best fighters make their way through Thailand at some point in their career. The training opportunities are vast, and being away from the hustle and bustle of life in Sydney can offer a whole new perspective into what a fight camp is all about.

“This was my second camp in a row at Phuket Top Team,” Perosh explained. “There are a lot of great schools in Thailand, but I think that Phuket Top Team is definitely the most complete. They are the only school over there that actually have a focus on BJJ. The other schools have great trainers and everything, but I just want to train somewhere that has a focus on the whole game.”

The best time of the year for UFC-contracted Australian fighters is when the UFC makes its annual visit to the shores of Australia. Providing they are healthy and a match-up can be made, these fighters are usually guaranteed a spot on the card to fight on their home soil. It’s a great feeling for the fighters and it’s always a treat for the fans in attendance.

“It’s been almost two years since I fought in Australia, so this will be a good homecoming,” Perosh said. “It has been just about 10 years to the day since I made my debut in the sport, and that was up in Queensland, on the Gold Coast. I’m feeling good about the fight. My body feels good and just going to keep going until it doesn’t feel right anymore.”

It was almost fate for Perosh. Shortly after expressing his interest at a press conference in Brisbane that he would like to fight Ryan Bader in Australia, the fight was confirmed for the card. Bader is one of the biggest names Perosh has faced in his 10-year career, and it’s an opportunity that the 40-year-old plans to embrace. After spending a total of 21 seconds inside the cage in his last two fights combined, Perosh wants to continue to show that he has what it takes.

“This is my chance to show that I’m a contender,” he exclaimed. “I think that a win here would at least push me towards the top of the guys that are looking to get into the top 10. A loss would send me all the way back down, and I know that. I know that this is the most important fight for me to date.”

On Dec. 7, when Perosh makes his way to the famed Octagon once again, the only business that will be at the forefront of his mind will be that of his bout with Bader. Once his ninth appearance for the UFC is over and done with, you will see him running his gym once again. Whilst he may have the opinion that focusing on his own career can be selfish, his students will see that their coach can practice exactly what he preaches each and every day that he opens his business for trade.

Anthony would like to thank Venum, Balance Sports Nutrition, Steve Rudic, Luke Martins, his family and friends and his students. Follow Perosh on Twitter: @AnthonyPerosh

Photo: Anthony Perosh (Sherdog)

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