According to a report from El Paso’s KFOX14 news, professional mixed martial arts fighter Joseph Torrez killed one man and sent another to the hospital with severe facial injuries during an attempted break-in at his home.

Torrez, 27, had four men attempt to invade his home just outside of Las Cruces, N.M., on New Year’s Day. According to court documents, one of the men, Leonard Calvillo, called before he and the three other known gang members showed up to his home.

“I’ll kill you and your family…I’ll go to your house,” Calvillo allegedly said.

Calvillo and the three other men, armed with shanks, showed up at Torrez’s residence shortly after making the alleged phone call. Torrez’s fiancée attempted to block the door, but despite her efforts, the four intruders were able to break in.

Once inside the home of Torrez, one of the intruders picked up a knife he found inside the home. It was then when Torrez, a lightweight fighter with a 1-5 record, felt the need to defend himself, his fiancé, his son and his fiancé’s sister. When the fight ended, one of the attackers, Sal Garces, was stabbed to death. Avalos was taken to a New Mexico hospital due to facial injuries he suffered during the scuffle. Torrez suffured only minor injuries, which did not require medical attention.

Calvillo and Raymond Garces fled the scene, but were later captured by authorities. Calvillo and Garces face charges of conspiracy and property damage and Calvillo was also charged with aggravated battery.

According to a NY Daily News report, authorities also stated Torrez could face charges in the death of Sal Garces. Torrez’s attorney said he was only trying to defend himself and his family and that he was “fighting for his life.”

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  • chadbag

    The people who should be facing charges in the death or his co-conspirators. Like when the other bank robbers get charged with murder when one of their co-conspirators kill someone like a cop while robbing the bank, the same should apply in this case.