Hitting the newswire on Thursday were some very questionable and demeaning comments made by UFC fighter Matt Brown. For those who didn’t read up on the filth that Brown spewed, he basically said that women do not possess knockout power, are weak and that the only way he’d pay $60 to watch them is if they are topless.

How dimwitted and erroneous were those comments?

For every step forward that women take in the sport of MMA, there is always something to spoil that step and almost set it back. What Brown just did in one fell swoop was verbally bury the skills of developing athletes and performers who have the potential to be great and demean them for being women, something that should not matter. This is especially true considering some of the best fights in recent memory have been provided by the ladies.

Let’s examine Brown’s claims.

First off, Brown claims that women do not have knockout power because of how they are built. Not only did he say women lacked knockout power, but that male flyweights do as well. Though one could agree that more women’s bouts end in submission than knockout, Brown’s claim is still completely and utterly false.

Take a look at the most vicious female striker of all time, Cris “Cyborg” Justino. Not only is she a knockout artist, but she is an absolute violent brute on the feet when it comes to stopping power. Of course, she is one of the bigger female fighters in the sport today, so she may be a one-off entity.

That is, unless you look at the smallest weight class, atomweight. Brown doesn’t think that women have knockout power, but two of the smallest women in the sport had two of the most vicious knockouts of 2013. Those ladies were Alida Gray and Jinh Yu. Gray landed a one-hitter quitter on Soannia Tiem that was not only nasty, but put Tiem into a deep slumber that would scare any person that now steps in the cage with Gray. Yu became a YouTube hit with her head kick/punch combo on Darla Harris that sent the latter of the two into the cage in an unconscious, stiff state.

So, Brown saying women don’t have the power to knock out people is ridiculous. Between the three women mentioned, plus feared Muay Thai striker Joanne Calderwood, top-ranked female boxer Holly Holm and others, there are many women out there with the stopping power that makes Brown sound uneducated and misinformed.

As for Brown saying he would pay $60 only if the women fought topless, that was just incredibly dimwitted and atrocious. The women in this sport are not here to be sex objects and participate in foxy boxing matches. These are not women starved for fame that will do just about any degrading thing to get on television and get their name out there.

These women are athletes. These women are just like the men of this sport. They put in the time in their respective gyms. They make sacrifices to their bodies, their families, their bank accounts and personal life just to try to make it in a sport where there are no guarantees.

If Brown wants to comment on women’s MMA, that’s completely fine. However, if he is going to make a comment on a sport he so clearly does not understand or he is ill informed about, he should probably just keep his mouth shut. Maybe while rehabbing his bum back, he can actually do some research into women’s MMA and see how his comments were not only wrong, but just plain stupid.

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Riley Kontek
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Riley Kontek is a Chicago-land native that has been an addict of mixed martial arts since the first Chuck Liddell-Tito Ortiz encounter. He has been writing on MMA for the last year and is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report MMA. In addition to that, he used to host a weekly radio show on MMA. Though he has no formal training in mixed martial arts, Riley is a master in the art of hockey fighting.