In bringing the top kickboxers under one roof, the Glory World Series has cemented itself as the top kickboxing league on the planet. The establishment of this fight franchise marks a crowning moment for many stand-up striking competitors who have been waiting ages for their skills and years of hard work to finally be recognized by the mainstream public.

Valtellini (Glory)

Valtellini (Glory)

Fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete, Canadian kickboxing sensation Joseph Valtellini is amongst the elite competitors within the organization. After developing his skills in the realm of taekwondo, Valtellini found Muay Thai when he was still a teenager. His mentality and outlook on competition form a unique gift to do great things in the sport.

The Italian-Canadian kickboxer balances his role as as an athlete with that of his other profession as a school teacher. His passion in his life’s works shines through in both roles. Valtellini knows the tough road he must travel to become a master in his craft. Nevertheless, it is a challenge the Canadian gladly embraces.

“To be a professional kickboxer/Muay Thai fighter, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But when you are doing something you love, it doesn’t seem like work,” Valtellini admitted in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I have set a lot of goals for myself within the sport, so I’m staying very focused on accomplishing them. My main focus is to be known as the best Welterweight Kickboxer in the world, as well as growing the sport in North America.”

With kickboxing banned in his homeland, Valtellini’s early professional career saw the young prospect traveling all around the world in search of the best competition against whom he could test his skills. He went into most of his fights as the heavy underdog, but emerged victorious to secure his position as one of the top kickboxers in the world.

However, it was an epic encounter with a striking phenom that took him to the next level.

“After eight pro fights, I caught the attention of Glory,” Valtellini explained. “They offered me a big fight opportunity in Istanbul against a legend in the sport, Murat Direkci, who had close to 100 fights. After winning the fight by TKO, I had finally gotten international attention. Since starting with Glory in April 2013, I was able to climb the ranks to second in the world. My career has really taken off this year with Glory, and I’m excited to keep the momentum going this year and capture the Glory welterweight title and that No. 1 spot.”

Valtellini (Glory)

Valtellini (Glory)

How can one not love the fast-paced, non-stop action clinic put on by the amazing competitors of Glory? A new surge of excitement in kickboxing has been generated with Glory’s debuted last year. Glory has brought the sport to the American mainstream, with national television ratings getting bigger after each event.

“Competing with the larger audience has been really positive for my career,” he admitted. “It has given me the ability to showcase myself, as well as grow the sport. Since signing with Glory, it’s been the only time my family, friends and supports have gotten the opportunity to watch me fight live. It has also brought more eyes and attention to the sport. Before Glory came along, there wasn’t a big organization for kickboxers to compete in. So a lot of kickboxers ended up fighting in MMA. Now that Glory is here, we can continue to stay in the sport we love.”

Valtellini trains hard and displays as much dedication to his sport as any athlete from any sport. It’s certainly no surprise why he is one of the top kickboxers in Glory today. Further continuing his campaign and service as a positive role model to the youth, Valtellini is taking all the right steps on his way to becoming a memorable champion. There’s no telling what the future holds for this rising star.

“I look forward to 2014. My goal has always been to be the best in the world, and that will never change. I’m extremely motivated and determined to capture the welterweight title this year and become the No. 1 combat athlete in sports. My journey has just begun!”

Joseph would like to thank all his fans that have supported him from day one and those who have just been introduced to him—“Without them, this would be impossible, as I feed off their energy and support.” Follow Valtellini on Twitter: @BazookaJoeV

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