The UFC’s global expansion is close to adding another destination to its list.

Multiple sources have informed The MMA Corner that the promotion is targeting an event in Auckland, New Zealand on June 28, although the event is not finalized at this time. The event is expected to air on the promotion’s digital network, UFC Fight Pass.

The rumored timing of the event is in contrast to what UFC Director of Operations for Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Tom Wright, told The New Zealand Herald during the promotion’s visit to Australia in December.

“New Zealand’s always been on our radar,” said Wright. “It takes time to make sure that we’ve got all the business relationships in place, that you find the right venue and that it fits in with our entire schedule and when you’re trying to pull together 40 or 50 events around the world, it’s not the easiest job. But absolutely, is it on our radar? Completely and I think in 2015 it’ll happen.”

Despite the accelerated time frame, an event in Auckland would come as no surprise based on Wright’s past words.

“I was in Auckland. I went to the Vector Arena, which is a potential place we would go there,” Wright said. “I met with some officials from the New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Association and I had a chance to get a better sense for Auckland. We know it’s a strong market for us. Auckland would be the first place we go to.”

The UFC roster includes numerous Kiwis, including heavyweight Mark Hunt, soon-to-be middleweight James Te Huna and Ultimate Fighter alum Dylan Andrews. Although no fights are rumored at this time, it’s likely that each would be given a fight on the card.

New Zealand would join Singapore, Brazil, China, England, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Sweden and Turkey as international destinations for the Las Vegas-based promotion in 2014. More details about the event, including the official date and location, will be provided as soon as the promotion finalizes its plans.

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Located in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Neil Rooke has been writing about the sport of MMA since 2011. In the past, Neil has written for Cage Junkies and has written for Fight! Magazine as well as Fist! Fight Magazine. Neil is also a regular contributor to Fight! Magazine Australia and Yahoo! Sports Singapore.

  • Peace

    Well they better apologize to Tyler first. Otherwise sport will divide our nation again just like the 1981 springbok tour. Our History Our People Our Land. Tangata Whenua #Utu

    • Alex

      You’re a moron.

      • Peace

        wow a internet tuff guy.never delt with them before. would love to engage in dialogue with you to ascertain how you came to that great piece of intellect.but im guessing you will just call me more names? You think this wont split our nation? you think people wont care? people thought the same back in 1981. and we all know how that turned out.

        • Sam

          Bro nobody here gives a fuck they’ll get drunk and go watch the fights its nz bro not 1981 muldoon land

          • Peace

            some people don’t care, some do. and yes were not in muldoon land we in key universe. I dont know whats worse. But lets call a spade a spade and a darkie a darkie eh?….. also over five and a half thousand people care enuff to like a page to support a wrong done.

    • Ryan PR

      your not invited

      • peace

        oh do you need an invite? im sure you just pay some money and get a ticket. great comment tho. your amazing

        • Ryan PR

          you know nothing of NZ history who the hell are you? I can not express what a loser I think you are how do you have the net? you know thats a white man machine to keep darkie down ..get a grip stop living in the past grow up ….Its a shame you dont have to do a quiz do get your tickets ….because blaming it on whitie dont quite cut it now have you not watched the GC now thats modern Maori right there …hahahah I wish I had you at a party we could bring you out and laugh at you and you primitive logic

          • peace

            Ha ha “you know nothing of NZ history Who the hell are you?” My names Jamie and I have a BA(Hons) In NZ History and dont know what you on about “blaming it on whitie” and “keep darkie down” Im white bro. as white as white can be. And the mozzies on the gc? Pfft what about the Maori living in Tuhoe land? or Aranui, Papanui, Linwood ect? and please just remember you can insult people on a website news story on the internet. but in two clicks and I’m looking at ya facebook photos. Ch Ch is my hometown. I went to cashmere but played league and hung out and lived in Linwood and Phillipstown. so now you know more about me. amazing what dialogue and communication can do.

          • Ryan PR

            ha we all got one of those mate mine was a double major but any way its just that you sound so ignit know ..any way see at 4th div linwood ….we could talk UFC and be buddys ……

          • peace

            I started the tyler support page. with in a week it had five thousand likes. To me the ufc got it completely wrong. and Im not the only one who thinks so. Our history and our people they don’t care about. so why pull out the welcome mat? racism, as you will be aware living in ch ch, is’nt just an american thing. the nword just isn’t an american thing. Tyler is not not racist but UFC is fighting, what they think is ,racial discrimination with racial discrimination. I love the ufc. But I love my country and people way more.

          • peace

            opps “Tyler is not racist” typo

  • Ryan PR

    I wont go to auckland but any where else I am there also as a new market lets hope they put a card on that deserves our respect and not just a bunch of cans …and yet it will sell out regardless in minutes ,,,..where would it be whats the right venue??eden park

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