Sometimes we play games with our serious face on. All we want to do is beat a level, win a multiplayer game, or beat a high score you set years ago.

But there are other times where you just have to mess around with the people you play with. Make them mad. Try to make them quit. Do stupid things just to make them mad. Troll them.

In this first of what will be many editions of Troll Hard Tuesday, staff writer Jason Schielke will be joined by some of his friends as they play League of Legends. For those of you who don’t know, League of Legends is a strategy game where games typically last 30-45 minutes. It has grown over the past couple of years to become one of the biggest games in the world, with over seven million registered players. The 2013 LoL World Championships became the most viewed livestream on when over a million viewers tuned in to watch SKT T1 take on Royal Club in a match that was swept by SKT T1.

For those of you who have played, you know trolls run wild regardless of what rank you are. While we’re not mean enough to troll in ranked games, we’re not above having some fun at other people’s expense in unranked games.

You can view the video here, or you can head over to to interact with us, talk a little MMA, LoL, music, or whatever tickles your fancy.

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Jason Lundgren

I have been an MMA reporter/opinion writer for over 10 years. I play WAY too many video games. I'm not on Twitter much, but follow me @JLundgrenSports