Standing in line, the fans await their invitation to enter the venue for a night of local mixed martial arts action. Eyeing the posters on the walls, doors and anywhere else they can be hoisted up, they might even experience a flash of nervous energy.

I think I know that guy.

“That’s my buddy,” a proud fan will whisper as he takes two small steps towards the doors. The anticipation prevents him from standing still.

The thing about a local show is that people can identify with the fighters on the card. It’s a proven formula that has worked in combat sports for decades.

If there was a definition of a hometown fighter, Rob Font would fit the bill to a tee. Of his 10 professional bouts, the vast majority of the contests have taken place around the same area. Whilst that can be advantageous for a fighter who is able to be comfortable in front of a supportive crowd, there comes a time when fighting away from home is the norm.

“Pretty much all my fights have happened in the Massachusetts or Rhode Island area, so I’d love to be able to break out and fight in Vegas or anywhere else,” Font admitted to The MMA Corner. “I’d love to go overseas and travel overseas and see other countries and experience their culture and everything like that. I’d love to see the world, pretty much, and fight and do what I love to do, and travel at the same time and see other places.”

Earlier in the year, Font was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks with American Top Team in Florida. Being able to experience what it is to train with different people of different skill levels is something that all fighters love to do, and Font was no different.

“It was amazing,” Font exclaimed. “I got to train with a lot of different guys. I would love to go back. It’s always good to get in some work with different guys.

“I don’t mind traveling. It’s a great experience, and you get to see new things and meet different people and get different takes on things and see what does work and what doesn’t work. Even the simplest thing like a double-leg takedown, you get to see their takes on it and see what works for them. I’m definitely open to traveling to see different gyms.”

Coming off a first-round submission victory over Ahsan Abdullah in his last bout, Font is eager to impress in the cage again. With a proven track record of being able to grind out a win on the scorecards, Font wants to use his time in the cage the best that he can. He knows that getting the finish means a quicker turnaround time for a future bout.

“I’ve got four decision wins, so I know I can go the distance,” explained Font, who holds a career mark of 9-1. “I really don’t want to, honestly [laughs]. I wanna go in and get the TKO or submission. I wanna get in and get out. I’d fight [again] the next day if I could [laughs].”

For Font’s CES MMA bout on April 25, he squares off with Fit Gym prospect Tristan Johnson, who fights out of Nova Scotia, Canada, alongside UFC’s T.J. Grant. Johnson enters the cage with almost a year layoff since his last fight. Although Font is the featherweight titleholder with CES MMA, the title will not be on the line in their main event tilt. Font is just happy to be fighting again.

“I can’t wait to get in there. We’ve been working on a lot of new stuff, and I can’t wait to get in and try it all out,” Font revealed. “I can’t wait to get in there. We have three guys from the gym all competing on the card, and it’s gonna be huge. We’re all pushing the pace in training and the energy going into it is amazing. We all get to go out there as brothers and we’re all pushing each other, and it’s just a great feeling.

“I love to stay busy and keep fighting, and I wouldn’t turn down a fight just because it wasn’t a title fight. I do wanna defend my belt, but if I’ve gotta go two more without defending it, I’m cool with that, too. Right now, it almost doesn’t really matter. We’re not in the UFC, so we’ve just gotta keep taking fights and fighting until we get there.”

On April 25, in front of friends, family and his peers, Font gets the chance to once again show that he is one of the best fighters to come out of the Massachusetts region. From this point in time, each and every time that Font walks to the cage with his screaming supporters so close by his side, it could almost be considered his last for the foreseeable future.

With each win, he finds himself closer to fulfilling his dream of fighting all over the country, and even the world. The fans will still cheer. They will still rally alongside their hometown hero. And whether they are physically there or not, they will still be in Font’s mind. To a degree, fighters will always be in there fighting for themselves. But the ones that go out there and know that they are fighting for their friends, their family and their supporters, well, they are truly the ones that deserve the cheers of the crowd.

Rob would like to thank his family and his sponsors: Skill of Strength and Revgear. He would also like to thank his girlfriend, Katherine Frias, for all of her support. Follow Font on Twitter: @RobSFont

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